Experience “Jungle Jay’s” Safari Lake Geneva

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Looking for something fun to do with the family and yet, want to be safe? We have the answer! Touring around downtown Lake Geneva as an animal lover means you are only five minutes away from a paradise. It features an animal adventure experience like no other in and around Wisconsin. Safari Lake Geneva is neither a zoo nor a theme park but a natural wildlife preservative that is home to animals from all around the world. By far, it is categorized as one of the most unique and fun places to visit whenever you are in Lake Geneva. This animal haven is a family-operated business and is considered as one of Wisconsin’s most exotic by animal expert “Jungle” Jay Christie.

Safari Lake Geneva  

Christie’s love of animals has always pushed him to help them, especially breeds that are on the brink of extinction. It was a dream he had always held dear to his heart, so when the reality of Safari Lake Geneva came into existence, it gave him that peace of mind he was always searching for. As for Safari Lake Geneva, it is not the contemporary animal preservative you are used to. Initially, the animals are given the privilege of moving around freely while the people who visit are confined to “cages” or cars. It is a reverse experience. This space gives animals the chance to interact with other animals just as they would in their own home at different locations around the world.

Seated on over 75 acres of lush, pristine wildlife space, animals live in a free-range lifestyle uniquely designed to house animals of all kinds. The safari trucks used to guide you through the sanctuary while you basked in an environmentally-friendly educational session, but they adapted quickly to a COVID-19 friendly model. You now drive your own vehicle through the park, to avoid contact with other people. You will have the opportunity to be up close and personal with the animals as they will even move over to you, where you can feed them or pet them. Have no fear for the safety of the animals! The route you drive over is graded and graveled – helping ensure you stick to the strict 2-mile per hour speed limit, lest you want to risk your transmission by going faster.

safari lake geneva camel

The sanctuary has been open since August 2016 and has, over the years, made the space safer for not only those who come to visit but the animals who live there and want to be assured they are protected. So, as you stroll around town, here’s why you should take a little trip to Safari Lake Geneva…

Flexible Booking & Tour

Unlike many other attraction sites, booking your grand tour is quite easy and flexible. You easily order your tickets online as well as reserve your time slots. They also offer flexible options when it comes to budgeting for your entire family. The prices are affordable, and packages are open to small and larger groups (school groups with chaperones). You can order feeding cups and animal feeding online as well, so you can have the opportunity of a close connection with the animals. The “cups” are more like 40-ounce buckets, full of a nut-free, corn-based pellet that all animals you encounter will enjoy.

Enjoying the Haven

The experience can be totally contactless if you don’t want to feed the animals, or you can be up close and personal with the animals should you decide to order feeding and cups. There are 20 species of animals listedin the haven you can learn about to include bison, llamas, camels, yaks, and various types of birds. A lot of these animals have been rescued from all across the US, and absolutely none of the animals have been hunted from overseas and brought to the shelter. The team ensures all the animals are in good shape so you can rest assured of interacting with healthy animals. We make a printable checklist for you to keep track of which animals you have met. There may be a few surprises, as free-loaders from nature might stop in.

Safari Lake Geneva

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Life at the Sanctuary

The tours are specifically timed to keep the animals from being overfed. Their feed is a blend of natural foods and designed especially for each animal. However, it is highly prohibited to give them feed that is not recommended or issued by the sanctuary. The animals are tended to daily and are given their medical check-ups periodically. Their habitats are designed to be as accommodating as possible so they can feel at home in an open space. During our visit, we were told that the Zebra was on a special diet and we were asked to not feed him.

safari lake geneva ostrich eating

Safari Lake Geneva is an Ideal Adventure

I can’t help but think of all the kids this fall who are now homeschooling or distance learning. Being less than two hours from Madison, this would be both fun and educational. It will be a fun experience for the entire family, and worth the drive. Keep in mind that it is closed over the winter so check their website for hours of operation or to book your visit.

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