Step Back in Time: Lagomarcinos Vintage Candy Shop and Soda Fountain

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In the heart of the Quad Cities lies a time capsule of sweetness, nostalgia, and homemade delights – called Lagomarcino’s. Since its inception in 1908, this cherished establishment has blossomed into a generational legacy, currently steered by the capable hands of the third and fourth generations of the family.

Step Back in Time: Lagomarcinos Vintage Candy Shop and Soda Fountain

A beacon of continuity, charm, and unwavering dedication, Lagomarcinos continues to delight patrons with its rich history, captivating ambiance, and heartfelt treats.

Tin Ceilings, Echoes of History

As you step into Lagomarcino’s, you’re greeted by more than just the aroma of freshly baked bread and the sweetness of treats. The tin ceilings overhead tell stories of years gone by, a reminder that this is not just a shop, but a living piece of history. These tin ceilings, like silent guardians of the past, envelop you in an embrace of authenticity, allowing you to experience a bygone era in all its splendor.

Lagos tin ceilings
Just look at this gorgeous tin work above everyone’s heads! What a lost art this kind of work seems to be…

Adding to the ambiance are the vintage tile floors and high-backed wooden booths that invite you to settle in and stay awhile. The walls adorned with memorabilia tell tales of days gone by, and the old-fashioned soda fountain takes center stage, promising an experience that transcends generations.

Entering Lagomarcino’s is like stepping into a vintage postcard.

A Symphony of Sounds

I was invited to pick my own place to set and while I perused the simple menu, I kept my ears open. Inside Lagomarcino’s, the air is alive with the melody of sounds that have graced the space for generations.

The murmur of conversations intermingles with the clinking of glassware as it’s gently washed in the metal sink, each sound a note in the symphony of shared experiences. The bubbling conversation of the server, who has witnessed three decades of laughter and conversations, weaves seamlessly into this auditory tapestry and offering up suggestions for those of us who are newer to Lagos Experience.

I was enchanted.

What to eat at Lagomarcinos?

I let my delightful server be my guide and started with a chocolate phosphate. Do you know how rare it is to find a place that actually knows what that is, let alone how to make one?

chocolate phosphate

The day was pretty warm, in the 90s, so I opted for the chicken salad and was steered towards the homemade light Swedish Rye to enhance it. The praises of the potato salad were also sung to me (not literally) but I went with it.

I could tell that Beth was making my meal herself, she was in the middle of all the action and her blue-gloved hands were flying across all the ingredients as she was plating dish after dish.

chicken salad

After my first bite, it was easy to see how this place was a James Beard Award winner. Even the crumb on that homemade bread was perfect.

They may be a family-owned confectionary famous for hot fudge sundaes, hand-dipped chocolates, sponge candy, and even filled chocolate eggs at Easter…but they can make a great sandwich. Down to the crispy, yet finely diced celery, it was all the perfect balance of textures and flavors.

potato salad

It was perfect down to the generous scoop of potato salad – I swear there were hints of dill seed or celery seed in the tasty mix.. It was perfectly laid on some leaf lettuce and offered up to my fork. It literally tastes like what my Momma would make, when she was still with us.

Chocolate Decadence

The only downside? I was too full for dessert! In a place that makes its own ice cream and hot fudge sauce that seemed a crime! I managed to make it back one more time before my time in the Quad Cities was over and treat myself.

hot fudge sundae

The hot fudge sundae is served DIY style – with the pitcher of melted cocoa goodness next to the classic tulip-shaped glass that houses 2 scoops of their handmade vanilla- only to be topped with whipped cream and fresh cherry.

What. A. Treat.

It made my inner five-year-old very happy! You end up with warm fudgy goodness to almost the last bite.

Can yoyu see me rolling my eyes back up into my head?

The good news is that they figured out how to literally bottle that sauce and I brought some home – um, along with a large box of chocolates, a bag of gummy something for my kid, a T-shirt for the husband, and a few other things that I will never admit to because they didn’t make it home.

A Living Legacy

So, as you step through the doors of Lagomarcino’s, remember that you’re not just entering a shop. You’re stepping into a legacy nurtured by four generations, a legacy that thrives in every bite, every conversation, and every memory created within these cherished walls. Here, time may move forward, but the essence of the past remains eternally present.

Step Back in Time: Lagomarcinos Vintage Candy Shop and Soda Fountain1Step Back in Time: Lagomarcinos Vintage Candy Shop and Soda Fountain

It’s a place where grandparents share tales of their youth with wide-eyed grandchildren and where old friends reunite, picking up right where they left off.

Step into Lagomarcino’s, where every corner is a memory waiting to be made, and every bite is a celebration of the timeless joys of life, but do make a point to step in and experience it for yourself.

Lagomarcino’s can be found at 1422 5th Avenue, Moline, IL. Phone – 309-764-1814 and check them out on socials at: Lago’s on Facebook

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