8 Things Hotel Staff Know And Don’t Share

8 Things Hotel Staff Know And Don't Share

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8 Things Hotel Staff Know And Don’t Share? Much as a service station does not tell a driver that there is usually no need to purchase the more expensive high octane gasoline, so too do hotels not tell guests every helpful tip about their accommodations. Here are eight things to ask the desk clerk on arrival or over the course of a stay.

8 Things Hotel Staff Know And Don't Share

8 Things Hotel Staff Know And Don’t Share

1)      Is Today’s Rate Better than the Reservation Rate?
Hotel rates fluctuate and a room reserved weeks or months in advance has a rate predicted for the day of arrival. Always ask on check-in if the day rate is better than the reserved rate. The hotel should give the guest the better of the two.

2)      Is This the Right Room?
Being on the ground floor of a hotel can be a great convenience if one is driving. However, they are often the most expensive rooms. Isn’t riding up an elevator worth $10 a day in the pocket?

3)      Free Late Checkout?
Hotels usually have a checkout time somewhere around 10-11AM in order to accommodate the housekeeping staff. If a departing flight time is not until late afternoon or evening, ask if a late checkout fee can be waived. At the very least, the hotel should be able to store luggage until the guest needs it.

4)      Can Guests Get Bacon With That?
If a hotel offers both a price included continental breakfast, as well as a hot breakfast with an additional cost, ask if the hot breakfast can be included. Given that a set amount of hot food has to be laid out by the hotel in the morning anyway, on slow days the hotel will often rather have a happier guest than a waste of food.

5)      Registering a Complaint?
Perhaps the greatest secret hotels keep to themselves is that they appreciate complaints! Are the neighboring guests noisy? Did housekeeping forget bath towels? Complain! The front desk staff would much rather fix a situation right away, as opposed to a guest saving them up until the end and demanding a discount.

6)      What Groups Get Discounts?
Hotels often offer discounts for members of AAA, or other organizations. Ask. Be sure to have a membership card available as proof.

7)      Are There Frequent Guest Bonuses?
Particular with chain hotels, loyalty programs can quickly lead to free stays within the chain. Ask about them.

8)      Is There a Weekend Rate?
Contrary to travelers’ instincts, weekends are often the slowest time for a hotel in terms of occupancy. Business travel is much more the core business for hotels in major cities. If one’s stay will overlap any of the weekend days, ask if the weekend rate can apply to the entire stay. There may be a pleasant surprise in store.

And after all, aren’t pleasant surprises better than unpleasant ones?
Have a great stay!

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9 thoughts on “8 Things Hotel Staff Know And Don’t Share

  1. Being a Hotel maid in my teens, I learned from some maids that didn’t always have the guests best interest at heart. One important thing to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ask is if it is a two bed room, is if the sheets have been changed on both beds when two people were in the room. The gals I knew would straighten the bed that didn’t appear to have slept in and not pull the sheets or pillowcases. I always ask, as well as if the bedspreads and blankets are washed daily. It’s helpful to carry a small black light in your luggage pocket to check bedding for biological stains. If there aren’t any you know that the bed is clean. I would also make sure before you unload the car or money changes hands that you ask if you can inspect the room.
    On one occasion on inspection we discovered black grimy dirt on the bedspread and pillowcase, biological stains on both bedspreads, public hair on the wall outside the bathroom and in the sink and chewing tabacco spit on the floor behind the commode and along the wall. When we complained to the manager, the excuse was they had construction workers staying there and one of them must have gone back to the room after it was made up. Needless to say we went somehere else. Always check!

        1. Amazon. Type in black light flashlight. Less than $10. We got several for less than $5 each.

  2. When I enter a hotel room, I inspect it … I also walk around with disinfectant wipes and wipe down all the surfaces … the door knobs, the taps in the bathrooms, the toilet …. and in the main room, the t.v. remote control, lap switches and night stand.

    If I have a complaint with something in the room, I go to the front desk immediately and address it. I have been moved to other rooms when rooms were not satisfactory for some reason or another – such as odors or stains.

    ALWAYS check the shower curtain – if it is moldy – ask them to replace it.

    Happy travels!

  3. While this may work in chain hotels, none of these are true for resorts, except#5, we want to hear your complaint before you leave so we can fix it, rather then 3 weeks after you’ve left. (We won’t discount your stay if you complain weeks later).

    Also, PLEASE REMEMBER the individuals that are working may not always be in the position to make decisions without talking to management first. Do not yell at them, when they say that they will need to check with management about your request, chances are you will not get as well compensated if you yell at employees, versus keeping your cool and calmly starting your complaint.

  4. I worked at a hotel for over seven years. The hotel was privately owned. A little different from a franchise I assume. Here is my experience.Downstairs rooms are no different in price then upstairs room. It mattered how many beds are in the room and what size . As far as late check-out the only time you would need a late check-out as if it there was a emergency. Other than that better time management on the guess part. Nobody appreciates complaints. It’s all in the tone and approach that makes the difference.But you definitely need to let them know ahead of time. Before you move your stuff in the room and spend the night. And as far as price rates. higher in the summer lower in the winter.Holiday weekends are higher it’s an automatic given. Our hotel did not have complimentary breakfast but I definitely see it as a plus for any hotel.

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