Julie’s Park Cafe – The Tastebud Satisfying Experience

Julie’s Park Cafe

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When it comes to eating out, people want to make sure they are getting the best. The taste should be right, the flavor should be up to par, the food joint should be welcoming, and the staff should make you feel relaxed enough to eat and come back another time. Julie’s Park Cafe is one such place that stands out in Wisconsin that will not only provide you with some of the best foods but also an environment that gives you a home away from experience.

Julie’s Park Cafe – The Tastebud Satisfying Experience

With a diverse menu, Julie’s Park Cafe serves you some of the best there is to offer in the area, and for sure, you are about to taste the rich flavor that Door County produces on its farms.

The Inspiration Behind Julie’s Park Cafe

The rich heritage of Julie’s Park Cafe started back in 1997 when Julie Giller purchased a restaurant which was known as Black Locust Restaurant. It was a former “first-class” restaurant that catered to everyone, including the richest in the area. There was also a motel on the property known as Peninsula Motel, which Julie completely transformed into a great eating spot.

The restaurant that many people knew back in the day is not the same today as the menu has changed in its entirety but has retained the popular status it had in the early days. The new location features easy access for those who are looking to enjoy the environment while they take in some mesmerizing and mouth-watering delicacies.

Field of Flowers North Farm
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Back in 2009, Julie hired Shane and Sande Solomon as restaurant managers, and after seeing how amazing it was, they decided to purchase it in 2010. The Solomons’ have worked in a restaurant before and have initially fallen in love with the hospitality industry.

However, before they went to Julie’s Cafe, Shane worked as an administrator at a university while Sande worked as an ESL and Spanish tutor. The couple’s family is not new to the whole idea of owning and operating a lodging business in the Door County area.

Their excitement peaked when they finally realized they owned the restaurant and motel, and, since then, has made it their point of duty to satisfy every guest that comes through their doors. They want to keep the first love for Julie alive for those in and around Door County and those who desire to experience the best of the city.

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Amazing Features

Julie’s Park Cafe and Motel are located at the entrance to Peninsula State Park. It is the perfect location to start a great hiking experience after having a plate of locally prepared breakfast. The adjoining park features lots of biking trails and historic features like a lighthouse and a lookout tower. There are also close-by shops to get all your souvenirs and the beach to unwind with your friends and family. In addition to this fantastic food spot, there are also lots of other attractions and flavorful culinary relaxing spots.

The meals prepared in Fish Creek feature a lot of locally-grown produce sourced from farmers around town. For sure, a lot of their dishes include Door County Cherries, and that makes them stand out from other food joints around the world. Whether you want to dine in or grab and go, they have the solution for you. With an added espresso bar and an outdoor patio, you will be glad you visited Julie’s Park Cafe. Visiting Julie’s will have you getting a taste of some great delicacies like their cherry pie filling, their strawberry rhubarb jam, and their cherry BBQ sauce.

Stuffed French Toast

I had the Stuffed French Toast – it is filled with Door County Cherries and cream cheese and topped with whipped cream. It was amazing!

Julie’s Park Cafe stuffed french toast

It was cooked to perfection – and was complimented beautifully with the coffee I had. The tart cherries really offset the cream cheese and made for a decadent, yet delicious sampling.

Lodging Places

Here at Julie’s Park Cafe, you have the opportunity to stay over in a cozy lodging with comfort and relaxation at its highest. The Motel features state-of-the-art rooms with amazing amenities. You can enjoy a one-on-one experience with your friends, family, or that special one in either their…

  • King Whirlpool – Which features a king-size bedroom, an electric fireplace, and a loveseat.
  • King Room – This features a king-size bed and a twin sleeper sofa.
  • Cafe Suite – Perfect for a small family or group of friends as it features two rooms with queen-size beds and more.
  • Queen Rooms – This features both a non-pet and pet-friendly experience…your pets won’t get left behind as they have their cozy spots too.

It’s an experience worth it. getting once you get a chance to visit the Door County regions or if you happen to come in close contact with the Fish Creek area. You can find it at 4020 Main St, Fish Creek, WI 54212.

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