Fort Wayne Botanical Garden

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Where do you go in the heart of the city when you want to connect with nature and just relax? If you are in Fort Wayne you want to go to the Fort Wayne Botanical Garden on Calhoun Street.

Fort Wayne Botanical Garden cover

Fort Wayne Botanical Garden

This is a very family friendly place and has tons of educational opportunities for the littles. Everything from seeing a bee hive in action to walking the outdoor gardens and seeing the butterflies. There is a 5,000 gallon waterfall and even a 200 plus year old cactus! No matter how young you are or how old you get, getting a personal tour of some of nature’s best attributes should never be turned down. When you think of the lush greens and vegetation, in both the form of flowers and trees, you can’t help but think upon their amazing features and mesmerizing beauty.

Botanical Conservatory of Fort Wayne

Take for instance the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory and all its array of freshness. Situated in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana, this Botanical Conservatory is an oasis of natural fresh air with a combination of comfort and peace of mind. Visiting this site on one or more of your vacations will be one of the best choices you could ever make. You can be sure of a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a memory that will last for a thousand years to come.

Botanical Conservatory of Fort Wayne

Just try to imagine a lush seasonal display of floral arrangements comprising of greens from all over the world. Also, get a taste of a tantalizing Tropical Garden with an overshadowing of orchids and palms creating the perfect frame for a waterfall backdrop; you may also just bask in the cool atmosphere in their quiet retreat area of their beautiful Desert Garden. Well, snap out of that imagination and let your wildest dreams become a reality with a trip to this prized collection of the beautiful Fort Wayne community.

Why Choose The Fort Wayne Botanical Garden?

There is so much to experience when you visit this prime, yet land-locked location. It is nothing like you have seen before nor will ever get to see and experience again as it is amazingly laid out and well maintained. The indoor Gardens of this conservatory includes a collection of over 1,200 different plants varying over 500 different species and 72 different types of cacti. The three indoor gardens are seated on a whopping 25,000 square feet which gives more than enough to bask in for your visit. When you visit, you will get a taste of…

The Showcase Garden
This garden features exhibits which span across the four seasons of the year. They have a vast number of plants from different regions which strives best in each given season. Also, it boasts a selection of other permanent plants such as bamboo, creeping fig, hibiscus, gardenias, and the loquat tree.

The Tropical Garden
As the name suggests – tropical – you can look forward to their prized waterfall beauty, a pond scattered with goldfishes and 13 different types of palms. It also has a variety of tropical season plants to include orange trees, coffee, breadfruit, orchids, ferns, bromeliads, cycads, and bananas. A lover of chocolate? Well, you are in luck as you get to see the beauty of the Theobroma Cacao tree which may be native to you as the chocolate tree.

Botanical Conservatory of Fort Wayne

The Desert Garden
Want to experience desert life while indoors? Then the Desert Garden is the perfect pick! It has a variety of desert-natured plants to include the yucca, jojoba, mesquite and ironwood trees, prickly pear, saguaro cacti, the creosote bush, and the fishhook barrel cactus. This garden as a feel and environment of the Southwest style.

Botanical Conservatory of Fort Wayne

The Outdoor Gardens

As you step outside and under the blue skies, you are greeted with the attractive outdoor botanical gardens, decorated with the best that nature has to offer. In addition to the indoor gardens, there are four outdoor spaces you can also choose to visit. These include various species of ornamental grasses, trees, perennials, shrubs, and rhododendrons. The gardens…

Botanical Conservatory of Fort Wayne

Exploration – offers scenic vistas and shaded pathways which are surrounded and enclosed by trees and other seasonal plants from the Midwest. This garden also offers the perfect and ideal setting for a romantic getaway and reflection as you enjoy the beauty of the central pond filled with goldfishes. Want to have a picnic in a cool nature setting? This is the perfect location for that!

Terrace – This is a brick terrace which features an array of seasonal planting and other Midwestern trees. It also boasts a private yet open plaza in the city’s central point.

Streetside – This garden features different types of flowering shrubs and ornamental grasses. It also has a bronze statue which is a representation of nature’s bounty, Flora, which was done by sculpture Tony Frudakis.

Beverforden – This is the final outdoor garden which boasts a wide variety of azaleas, rhododendrons, and other acid-loving plants.

Fort Wayne Botanical Garden for the Kids

There are so many hands-on activities for kids and opportunities for them to learn here! Our favorite is the Honey Bee hive – as bees are super important to our ecology. They can look for the Queen Bee, drones, and even see the figure eight dance that is done when a worker comes back to the hive with news of fresh pollen.

Botanical Conservatory of Fort Wayne

Before any of the gardens, there is a great children’s play area to the left. The Discovery Corner is full of pint-sized pieces that are sure to entertain the pint-sized crowd.

Everyone can experience what it feels like to be a mole or grub in the hallway between indoor gardens. You walk under a giant vegetable garden and see why it is so tempting for the rodents to munch on your eagerly planted harvest.

Botanical Conservatory of Fort Wayne

There are even interactive concepts in the actual gardens – like a “find the animal” hunt in the Sonoran Desert! Surely you can see how there are hours and hours of fun to be had with kids.

Botanical Conservatory of Fort Wayne

Planning a Party?

The Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory is also the ideal location to host your wedding or special events especially if you adore everything nature. they also have many other unique and fun amenities lying around that will enhance the overall experience in your visit. Make it a must-visit location today while you plan your next family vacation. Already in the city and have some extra time on your hands? Then go on over to the Fort Wayne Botanical Conservatory: their fees and packages are quite affordable and will be worth every penny spent!

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