Tips For Safe Travel With Children

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Safe travel tips are always a must, but especially so when you are traveling with kids in tow.  Your children are the most important thing to protect while you are away from home.  We have compiled some of the top safe travel tips for when you are vacationing with your kids.  These tips will keep you and your children safe from harm, and always prepared should anything unfortunate occur.

tips for safe travel with children

Tips For Safe Travel With Children

Arm them with information.  One of the most important safe travel tips for vacationing with children is to give them information to protect themselves.  You don’t have to be over the top with information, but you do need to make sure your children are aware of stranger danger.  You may also want to invest in a few things that give them the information they need to seek help should something happen and they are separated from your family.

  • Teach them about stranger danger.
  • Help them memorize your name and telephone number.
  • Give them a copy of your itinerary to keep in their pocket, backpack, or luggage.
  • Show them staff member locations or customer service in your hotel, theme park, or event venue.

The more they know, the easier it is for them to not only protect themselves but also know how and where to seek help.  Nobody wants to get separated from their children, but it is better to have the knowledge of what to do than to be unsure in the case of an emergency.

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Invest in ID bracelets.  There are many places to purchase medical ID bracelets, but you can also do the same thing with their name and emergency contact information.  This works best for children who may have communication issues or who are too young to memorize things like telephone numbers or your name.  While you don’t want to advertise information to people around them, a small bracelet can include this information engraved on the inside and easily be seen by someone seeking to help them.

Add basic information to ID bracelets to keep the important things on your kids at all times:

  • Emergency contact information:  Parent name and telephone number
  • Allergies or food intolerance
  • Medical conditions like autism, epilepsy, or diabetes

Invite an extra pair of eyes along for the trip.  If you have several children, this is one of the best safe travel tips you an use.  Taking a friend, teenager, babysitter, nanny, or family member along to help watch your kids while on vacation is truly a must with larger families.  It is hard for two parents to keep eyes on several kids in busy places like a theme park or beach.  Having an extra set of eyes on your children gives you peace of mind and makes it easier to concentrate on your family.

The extra person can help with a lot of things that will relieve burdens from parents on vacation:

  • Help kids get dressed each morning.
  • Help with baths and bedtime at night.
  • Watch specific children and take them to different rides, etc as needed throughout the day.
  • Be the adult to watch when someone needs a time out.  This keeps the other kids from being punished in the process.

Plan for downtime.  When you and your children are overly tired, you are less likely to be as careful as needed.  Planning our travel itinerary with plenty of downtime for rest is a must.  This is especially important for those with younger children.  Nap time, or simply a day of rest to recuperate before going on to the next venue is a must.

Give them their own cell phone.  Older children especially can handle a cell phone fairly easily these days.  Letting your kids have a cellular phone on their person during vacation is a great tool to keep them in touch with you should they inadvertently get separated.  Teens likely already have their own phone, but if not it is a great time to invest.  A simple inexpensive prepaid phone works wonderfully for texting or phone calls back and forth as needed while you are out and about in an amusement park or other venue all day on vacation.

Safe travel is imperative when you are taking your children along for any vacation or getaway.  As your children are your most important responsibility, we hope that these simple tips will help make it easier to keep them safe.

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