24 Hours in Miami: What to Do

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I know many travelers don’t plan for just 24 Hours in Miami. Many Caribbean cruises depart from Miami and it’s always a good idea to arrive the day before and leave the day after the ship departs. With airline delays, weather, and any number of other things that can go wrong, the last thing  you want to do is miss the boat. The Holiday Inn Miami – International Airport is a great option because they also have cruise port transfers but there are others you can consider as well. 

Before getting on the ship there’s plenty of fun in Miami – even if you aren’t into the party scene. Here’s what to do in 24 hours.

24 Hours in Miami

Where to Go

One of my favorite things about Miami is the Art Deco architecture that makes up a major part of the Miami vibe. The Art Deco district is a must visit and boasts more than 800 art deco style buildings. Be sure to stop by the Art Deco District Welcome Center for more information and to learn more about the free self-guided tour.

If being outside is important to you, then consider a trip to the Biscayne National Park. Who doesn’t want to see manatees and dolphins swimming near the shore? The Miami Beach Botanical Garden is also a great location for a walk to view local plants and foliage.

If temperatures are just too hot to be outside, though, head indoors. HistoryMiami is a museum that gathers and preserves Miami’s unique history. Exhibitions regularly rotate, and the museum hosts special events and activities. If you have little ones, try the Miami Children’s Museum, which has 14 interactive displays, as well as camps and classes. This is a great option to have on hand, especially for the random rainy days.

What to Eat

When I touch down in Miami, I make a beeline for Little Havana. There is nowhere else in the country where you can experience Cuban culture as authentically as you can here. While many Cubans have moved out of the area, it still thrives, as artists and shop owners have stayed or returned to keep the culture alive.

One thing that hasn’t disappeared is the Cuban food scene. La Carreta is a chain of Cuban restaurants that offers a mixture of main dishes, desserts, and coffee. Azucar Ice Cream Company serves up Cuban ice cream in an assortment of Cuban and American flavors.

El Mago de Las Fritas is one of the most well-known and popular restaurants serving fritas, or Cuban burgers. You can also get a Cuban inspired hot dog, batidos (shakes), pastries like guava empanadas, or flan. La Esquina del Lechón is another Miami institution, though non-pork eaters will need to eat with care. This spot is most well-known for its pork offerings.

Even with a short time to spend in Miami, there’s plenty to do. Chances are you’ll return soon to experience even more in Miami!

Places To Stay Nearby

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