12 Best Essential Eco-friendly Travel Products You Should Have

12 Best Essential Eco-friendly Travel Products You Should Have

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After watching Seaspiracy on Netflix, I have a whole new view of this Eco-friendly travel concept. First of all, I think I am done eating any kind of seafood, sigh. However, the fishing industry and cartel isn’t the only problem out there – plastics are still a huge problem, not to mention all the chemicals we dump into the environment.

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As responsible citizens, everyone should contribute to an environmental-friendly lifestyle in their own small ways. After all, a little often, equals much. As tourists, if we all can be a little proactive when we travel, it will collectively make a difference.

12 Best Essential Eco-friendly Travel Products

This list is all about saying no to plastic and switching on with the best of an eco-friendly product as a replacement. If you plan to go on a trip for a short time, you should consider minimizing the waste you will be taking to your next destination.

Eco-friendly Travel Products Gifts

This list is not only great for your own personal use but is a collection of things that would make for great gift ideas for that traveler in your family. Pull just a few of these together and pop into a fun basket from your local Dollar Tree and you are all set!

Below we have listed 12 eco-friendly travel products that you can carry with you for your next trip to yield better results for a happier tomorrow. These products are as follows:-

humangear GoToob 3-Pack Travel Bottle

These bottles are made with durable silicon that is food safe, and you can carry them on the airplane, and they are 100% BPA-free. There is a handy flip cap attached with a joined no-drip valve. It has a large opening that makes it easy to fill and clean and simple to squeeze out the inner contents.

Why are these important? They help you avoid using all of those mini sized items that end up in the trash bin after almost after just one or two uses.

BULUH STRAWS – Natural Organic Bamboo

These bamboo straws are 100% BPA free while eliminating single-use plastic straws. These bamboo straws are organic, strong, and durable, and they are sustainably grown.

Just think of all those plastic straws that you never cut up the middle to save the sea turtles. Hands down, these are better than paper straws!

Mother’s Vault Bamboo Toothbrush

These eco-friendly bamboo handles of this toothbrush are lightweight and comfortable. Beeswax coating avoids breakage making your bamboo toothbrush smooth and durable. The handles are somewhat curved for a snug fit and better brush control. The wavy design of this toothbrush helps your gums to remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth.

If you think about how a toothbrush is only supposed to last 6 months — and you get your first one when you are around 3-year-old, then that means the average person puts 134 toothbrushes into the landfills by the time they are 70. If you don’t think that looks like very many – put 134 toothbrushes into your shopping cart the next time you are at Wlagreens or CVS.

Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Balm

This essential oil makes their balms provide powerful mosquito protection, and it is DEET-free. This balm consists of olive oil, beeswax, castor oil, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil, cedarwood oil, and peppermint oil. It creates a pleasant fragrance that does not leave an oily residue and feels refreshing on the skin.

Less chemicals for the win!

Scrubba Old Version (Squeeze Style Valve)

It is a compact, water-tight bag with a flexible inner washboard. You can throw your clothes into this wash bag, add water and detergent, and start rubbing. Your clothes get machine-clean, without the machine.

What a huge water savings!

Leyka´s Bamboo Cutlery Travel Set

This cutlery set consists of Knife, spoon, fork, straw, cleaning brush, chopstick made up of natural bamboo material. These are used to reduce plastic use. The green bag which contains this set is made from jute.

Bamboo is an incredibly fast-growing wood, durable, and lightweight. That makes this set perfect for everything from camping to eating out.

Bumkins Sandwich Bag / Snack Bag

This bag is an alternative to single-use plastic bags. These bags are BPA-free, PVC-free, vinyl-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free. They are made from reusable easy-wipe and waterproof fabric. These are even great for school lunches for kids!

Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank

A high-quality 25000mAh lithium polymer battery powers this solar power bank. This power bank charges by solar with 5W power and 1A input current.

The sun is a great renewable energy source an better for the planet than electricity.

Florious Packing Cubes 4 Piece Set

These packing cubes set not only organize your luggage and keep it organized for the duration of your trip, but they also save storage space in your bag. They provide durable, long-lasting packing cubes made from recycled plastic bottles.

Interestingly enough, these are the only ones on Amazon that are made from RECYCLED MATERIALS. Feel good knowing you are helping preserve our beautiful planet without compromising quality!

Heys America Ecotex Toiletry Bag

This waterproof toiletry bag is made from 100% recycled water bottles and a detachable hook for hanging.

Solar Speaker

This speaker is solar-powered, lasts for 8 hours, has Bluetooth enabled. This speaker can be used as a portable charger for your mobile devices.

The best part? This designer speaker combines the natural beauty of sustainable bamboo with the energy efficiency of mono crystalline solar panels. Our amazing eco conscious speaker also has a ONE YEAR WARRANTY!

Boonboo Cotton Swabs

These cotton buds are 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable bamboo, and it is an ideal alternative to plastic buds. They do not contain any dyes, chemicals, or plastics.

Can you think of anything that we missed? Let us know what your favorite Eco-friendly Travel Products are!

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