Genius Ways to Travel On a Tight Budget

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Ways to Travel on a Tight Budget? Traveling is one of the best ways to spend your time, but it can be expensive. Luckily for you, there are some great tips and tricks out there that will help you travel on a budget. This post was written with thrifty travelers in mind so we put together 11 tips that will help make your next trip cheaper than ever before!

Genius Ways to Travel On a Tight Budget

That is why you have to be smart about traveling while you are on a tight budget. Whether you are a student or someone who doesn’t have a well-paying job yet, there are ways in which you can enjoy traveling as well. 

11 Tips for travel when you are on a tight budget 

These are some tips that can help you fulfill your dream of traveling even when you are short on money. 

1. Visit the place when it’s not peak season 

This is a way by which you can save a good amount of time while traveling. Travel destinations often have a time of the year when not many tourists come to visit. 

If you choose to visit that destination at that time, you will surprisingly end up saving a ton of money. It will be easier to find cheap transport, food, and hotel options. Plus you will be able to avoid large crowds and long lines which is always one less thing to stress about.  

2. Choose a destination that allows you to spend less

Being on a tight budget, planning everything out smartly is the best thing to do. You need to know everything about the place you are visiting in order to save money. While picking a destination, look up places where you won’t end up spending hundreds of dollars on just meals.

Look for destinations and places where transport and everything else is relatively cheaper. For starters, Southeast Asia might be a good option as you are likely to spend less while you visit that side of the world.

3. Pick Your Ticket Times Well

If you are flying to your destination and you are on a tight budget and need to book an airline ticket, then make sure that you have booked it for the cheapest time of the day. Airlines usually offer tickets at different rates depending on what time they fly out from and when they arrive back at your destination. The evening flights will be more expensive while the morning flights will be cheaper as the airlines know that they are leaving at a time when people are more likely to need an affordable option.

4. Book Your Flights Early

Book your flights in advance. Make sure you book your tickets early so that you can get more budget-friendly rates and also ensure a seat on the plane, it is always better to be safe than sorry when traveling!

5. Buy only one ticket

If you have decided on a country for your destination and want to visit multiple destinations, then make sure that you buy one ticket for all of them. This way it is easier to return and get home without any hassle of buying a new ticket as you clearly had an agenda. Keep in mind that the more countries or cities you visit, the more expensive it will be.

6. Skip the Car Rental

If you are visiting a popular destination, then there is no point in renting an expensive car. You can use public transport or take the cheapest option which will be walking on foot. This way you will have to spend less money and still get to explore your desired location without any hassle of driving around looking for parking space.

7. Do your homework

If you are traveling to a country where your first language is not spoken as a main one or you do not have any experience with that particular culture before then make sure you research! Knowing what to expect can make all the difference in how much of an enjoyable trip it turns out to be.

8. Find some small jobs to do while you travel 

This is a good solution to make sure you always have a source of income while you travel. Even after planning rigorously, you will face some unexpected expenses. 

To make sure you are prepared for those, it is a wise decision to take up some kind of a job as an independent contractor. You can pick up something to do part-time and spend the rest of your time traveling. This will give you a bit of wiggle room for the days when you feel like spending a lot. 

9. Learn to cook for yourself and avoid eating out

Food is a major thing you can save some coin on while you are traveling. Going out and eating at restaurants while you are in a new place might be tempting, but you have to resist in order to save the money you have.

Instead, try to find a grocery store and buy the food for meals you can make at home. You will be able to eat much healthier as well by doing this, which is an added bonus! Make it easy on yourself and work out how much money you are saving each day by cooking your own meals. Once you know what that number is, it will motivate you to keep cooking and saving money.

10. Take up house-sitting offers 

It is like babysitting – Instead of watching someone’s baby though, you watch their house while they are away. 

You can look up house-sitting jobs at the destination you want to visit – we love this site as it is VERY well screened.

11. Save on souvenirs

Instead of buying a souvenir, take pictures of yourself with your camera. You will be able to save money and have something that you can look back at fondly. Let’s face it, most things would be more expensive than they would be back home.

Wrapping it up

Traveling can be done smoothly even when you don’t have the most money in the world. These genius ways are there to help you spend as little as possible while you explore the world.

We hope that these genius ways of traveling on a budget help you out in some way. Use these to complete all your traveling fantasies from today itself!

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