3 Generations Behind Von Bergen’s Country Market

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What led to Von Bergen’s Country Market? Mel and Bobette have been farming in the area of Hebron since 1965, where they would grow soybeans, corn, and grew sweet corn for a local canning company. Gourds and Indian corn were grown and sold at South Water Market in Chicago. Mel was privileged to be one of the four Prairie Farmer Magazine Master Farmer’s in the state of Illinois, in 2012. They have a daughter, Michelle and son, Mike whose children are partners with the farm and market operation. Michelle is has two young children of her own and grandpa Mel and grandma Bobette can’t be happier with their grandchildren close by.

3 Generations Behind Von Bergen's Country Market

3 Generations Behind Von Bergen’s Country Market

The present day market was created because (at the time) nine year old Mike wanted to grow and sell his pumpkins. He started selling the pumpkins on a hay wagon that was in the yard then ended up attracting so many people with the sale of pumpkins and fresh vegetables added every year the market was built. Today’s Von Bergen’s Country market sells everything from zucchini to fresh apple, tomatoes, beets, pickling cucumbers, green beans and wax beans, and Mel’s famous musk mellons that are the sweetest around. Mike and Mel are the farmers of the Von Bergen’s Country Farm, they handle the planting, cultivation, spraying, and harvesting the lush vegetable crops every year.

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Mel and Mike strive to improve the growing power throughout the farm, by growing sweet corn on plastic, the sweet corn ripens about 10 days earlier than a regular crop. Bobette and Tracie both manage the vegetable market, they display the fruits and vegetables grown and find great produce that is not; helping the market to be a one stop shop.

Von Bergen Country Market has offered school tours for over 25 years, teaching kids about growing crops and the fresh produce. After the presentation you’ll get to board a wagon ride that will take you to the field where the pumpkins, finger corn, and gourds are growing. The market provides a bag so you’ll be able to pick gourds, a pumpkin and finger corn to take home and enjoy.

3 Generations Behind Von Bergen's Country Market

Once the wagon ride is over Princess Bright Feather whisks the kids away to the TeePee. Take a few minutes to venture through the kids maze, make a stop to play in the tractor area/sandbox, take a visit with the fellow farm animals. It is important to show up on time, as this is meant to be an educational tour so the staff doesn’t like to rush you along. When planning a trip make sure to wear appropriate clothing for the weather of the season, which is usually windy and a little chilly.

3 Generations Behind Von Bergen's Country Market
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This is your ultimate down-home country experience! Mel and Mike love their land want you to experience their farm without all of the frills! This will remind you of the pumpkin patch you visited as a kid! Famous for bi-color sweet corn that is picked daily to guarantee freshness and pumpkins, a variety of ready-made market products, Simple, quality produce, no gimmicks.

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You can connect with Von Bergen’s Country Market here:

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This is just ONE stop in my A Fall Bucket List for McHenry Illinois book! It’s worth a visit!

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