Tips For Finding a Great Travel Buddy

Tips For Finding a Great Travel Buddy

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Having a travel buddy can make a huge difference! Currently, many people choose to travel solo, but at times they feel they need a travel partner to avoid the single supplement fees. While some solo travelers also want a travel companion for independent travel.

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My husband’s Aunt Lyn was a widow who loved to travel. She just didn’t like to travel alone after her husband had passed. She was not alone – there is a large demographic of people who want to seen different countries, or even states, with the companionship of another person.

It might be for safety reasons. It might be for consistency as most travel packages will pair you up with a person if you don’t bring one with you – and it can be difficult to navigate a trip if you have a server personality conflict. Think of a hippy being paired with a hard-core Trumper.


Having a Travel Buddy meant Aunt Lyn could add Australia, Alaska, France, and even Budapest to her list of places visited – and all with the peace of mind that she needed.

So, if you know of anyone like her, or ARE like her – we have some tips for you!

Tips for finding a travel buddy

Concerns about some travel apps or sites:

There are many apps and sites online that will help you find a travel buddy. Some of the concerns of these apps are:

  • Compatibility- Just because you are traveling to the same destination, it doesn’t mean that you are perfectly compatible with your new travel buddy. Until you are on the trip, you may not discover the likes and dislikes of your travel buddy. It would be best if you didn’t mind the rhythm of your travels. It can lead to an unhappy trip.
  • Catfishing- Ideally, catfish is someone who pretends to someone online who he isn’t in reality. There is no way to know how someone is without a real-life connection. You cannot understand who is real and unreal on social media if you don’t meet the person in real life. It could put you in a vulnerable solution under which you may think who was going to be your travel buddy is looking out for a hookup buddy or something worse.
  • Misunderstandings- You should tell everything about yourself to your potential travel partner, so there are no misunderstandings. If you have some other goals, you shouldn’t sit back; instead, tell everything clearly to get what you are looking for.

Safety tips when it comes to traveling with a travel buddy:

  • Stay in public- When you are traveling with someone new, you should stay in the public sphere for a few days at least so that you get to know them thoroughly. Lastly, you can understand the other person and decide if you like the person whom you can travel to.
  • Avoid rushing into a decision- If you plan to travel with someone new, then you should avoid taking any decision in haste. You must decide by a time if the idea comes up and decline the opportunity if you aren’t comfortable.

Tips for finding a travel buddy:

  • Get a warm introduction from an acquaintance- Getting a travel buddy through a companion or family is the best way. You can rely on your friends or family members as they consider your nature and safety before letting you connect with a travel buddy. Thus you will meet the partner before setting out.
  • Meet someone along the way- You can meet a travel buddy when you travel. Before you are going to commit to anything longer, you get to meet them in a person and spend a few days together. You can spend your days in the public sphere and return to your environment every night. Lastly, you can decide whether this person is safe or not to travel with.
  • Let your tour company connect you- You can see your tour company to connect you with a partner so you can avoid the solo supplement. Most companies help solo travelers.

Above all it’s great to find a travel buddy as it’s good to have someone with whom you can watch your backpack when you want to use the loo. Additionally the feeling of having someone by your side makes you relaxed.   

Best sites to find a travel buddy

Here is a FREE printable list for you – that help navigate the sites available to find he best ways to match yourself up with a travel buddy – Bon Voyage!

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