The Best List of Goat Farms in Wisconsin

the bets list of wisconsin goat farms

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Ever wondered where do you get goat’s milk or Goat meat in Wisconsin? Wisconsin is quickly becoming America’s Dairy-goat-land as more dairy goat farms in Wisconsin have cropped up in recent years. Wisconsin is also home to some of the best goat-meat farms in America.

The Best List of Goat Farms in Wisconsin

The dairy goat industry is young in the US but as the demand for goat milk continues to surge, the number of small dairy farms and goats in the country has also increased tremendously. Wisconsin and California states have been at the forefront in championing the growth of the dairy goat industry to meet this increased demand.

Personally, I like the creamy texture that the dairy goat operations deliver in these emerging markets. Here are some of the best goat farms you can visit in Wisconsin, let me know if I missed one of your favorite goat farms in Wisconsin!

Sunshine Farms


Location: N8873 Currie Rd, Portage, WI 53901, United States

The owner of Sunshine Goat farm is dairy goat farmer Daniel Considine, who has raised goats for over 60 years and he has been a licensed ADGA goat judge since 1965. He organizes many goat fairs within Wisconsin and beyond and his goats have won numerous local awards for excellence. He has also organized the export of goats to many other countries abroad. 

With credentials like that, you are sure that you will find only the best goats when you visit his farm. Some of the goat highlights you will find on his farm include Bromisa Viasa, anchorman Bobreats, bobboits, Punda, tea Rosi, Connein, Veana, Malrae, and a variety of Toggenburg boats. Goats bred here are for dairy milk production purposes. You can buy goat kids from their farm at any time of the year if you want to start your own dairy goat herd.

Loudenbeck Dairy Goat Farm


Location: N410 Hillside Rd, Lake Geneva, WI 53147, United States

This is a relatively young goat farm in southeastern Wisconsin. They began rearing dairy goats in 2013. They are contract farmers for MontChevre, selling all their milk for cheese-making purposes only. Despite this, they welcome visitors to enjoy spending time with the goats on the farm, learn about the production process, and possibly purchase a goat kid if they want to start a dairy goat venture.

All the food fed to the goats is grown organically on their farm, from alfalfa hay to grains. The number of dairy goats they have now is over 650 at the moment.

LaClare Family Creamery


Location: W2994 County Rd HH, Malone, WI 53049

LaClare Family Creamery and the family farm began as a hobby in the 70s. The hobby quickly became an obsession after they visited several goat farms in Wisconsin. Later on, the family-owned business would become one of the premier goat cheese production farms in Malone. They produce cheese using locally sourced dairy goat high-quality milk. Their range of products includes specialty cheeses like goat cheese, Chandoka, Cheddar, Evalon, Jack, and Mozerella.

They allow self-guided tours of their farms and facilities. You can learn everything about goat rearing – from the time they are born, cheese production, and how other products are produced from goat milk. There are guided tours as well for groups of over 10 people.

Field of Flowers North Farm
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Floppy Ear Farm, LLC


Location: 16711 Hilltop Rd, Reedsville, WI 54230, United States

This is a 46-acre farm located just 17 miles from Michigan. They rear poultry and dairy goats. They have won numerous awards for their dairy goat business products over the years. They produce fresh goat milk lotions, goat milk liquid soaps, goat milk soap bars, cheese, bath bombs, and hair conditioners. You can purchase any of these products from their farm when you visit.

Dreamfarm LLC


Location: 8877 Table Bluff Rd, Cross Plains, WI 53528, United States

You can be assured that the cheese you purchase from this farm comes directly from the milk produced by the pasture-reared milking herd goats here. They use traditional craftsmanship when producing cheese – by hands. This results in cheese that has a deeper variety of taste, smell, and texture.

Dreamland LLC is a certified organic farm that has been growing food for the goats organically for almost 20 years. The 25-acre farm began goat rearing and cheese production operations in 2002. They produce cheese made from both cow milk and goat milk.

When you visit the farm, you will get the opportunity to see their dairy cow, dairy goat, and pastured egg production process. The popular goat milk products on the farm include fresh Chevre, Roseblossom, winter’s fest, aged Feta, and dream sauce.

Oak Hollow Acres


Location: 2208 Springwood Ln, Burlington, WI 53105, United States

This farm is dedicated to raising Nigerian dwarf goats. The goat farm began in 1998 and employs a holistic approach to rearing their goats and other farm animals. They will give you all the information you need to know about the goat you would like to purchase including the best practices and food to give to your animal.

Goat Farms in Wisconsin

Afterglow Dairy Farm


Location: 801 Lake Dr, Port Washington, WI 53074, United States

Afterglow dairy farm is a large farm – with over 300 dairy cows and their number of goats is about 600 goats. The dairy goat facility is a very productive unit, with well-bred goats to facilitate dairy milk production. You can opt for an all-rounded tour of the facility when you visit, or you can limit your footprints to the dairy goat production section. You can buy goat kids or processed goat products from the farm as well. 

Moonshine Acres, LLC


Location: W3317 Potter Rd, Elkhorn, WI 53121, United States

Moonshine Acres is one of the best goat meat farms in Wisconsin. Their goats are reared as pasture-raised goats. They do not use any antibiotics or hormones when rearing these goats. You are allowed to visit the farm and experience how the goats roam freely amidst other cattle when the weather allows. There are several kinds of tours you can join when visiting the farm and a ton of different kinds of products to buy.

Emerald Acres Farm


Location: 6424 Emerald Dr, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235, United States

This is a small (8-acre) sustainable farm in Sturgeon Bay that raises purebred ADGA Nigerian Dwarf goats, mini-alpines, and grass-fed goat meat. They also grow fruits, herbs, and vegetables organically on the farm. You can purchase goat kids during your visit.


Dawson’s Nigerian Dwarf Goats


Location: 7308 County Rd NN, Maribel, WI 54227, United States

Dawson’s farm specializes in the rearing of Nigerian Dwarf goats. It is a small dairy goat farm in NorthEast Wisconsin. They keep their herd small as a deliberate move so that they can offer maximum care to them. You can visit the farm to meet the herd, learn more about breeding Nigerian Dwarfs, and possibly purchase a goat kid for your flock. They only stock pedigree goats on the farm.

Langer Acres Goat Farm


Location:10414 County Rd J, Cato, WI 54230, United States

Langer Acres goat farm is a 56-acres working goat farm. They have a lot of farm activities that your family can engage in during your visit. The sprawling landscapes offer excellent grounds for taking beautiful hikes, enjoying mixing with the goats and the rolling hay fields. Many events happen on the farm occasionally, including gift parties and other social events.

Drumlin Dairy


Location: 4880 Dick Rd, Chilton, WI 53014, United States

Over 8000 goats are milked daily on Drumlin farm. They began their dairy goat farming in 2017 and their herd consists of only Nubian and Saanen goats. They use sophisticated software and machinery to enhance this milking process.

Currently, all the milk they have is used to make cheese. You can purchase a wide variety of goat products when you visit. When they want to sell goat kids, they advertise on their social media platforms and their website. You would need to book in advance if you want to visit their facilities. 

Swiss Frau Farm Products

Swiss Frau Farm Products


Location: W1257 Iowa Rd, Mayville, WI 53050, United States

The Swiss Frau farm is located in the Herman center. It is a 16-acre farm that raises American Toggenburg and Saanen goats. They use the milk to make goat cheese, sherbet, and soaps. They do not sell milk for consumption. You will receive a ton of information on rearing goats and all the different kinds of products you can make from goat milk when you visit the farm.

Bsw Farm


Location: 21234 Church Rd, Union Grove, WI 53182, United States

This is a family-owned and operated farm that has been in existence since 1983. The farm rears goats all year round for their meat production. You can purchase loins chops, ground chops, legs, stew, and other cuts at any time of the year when you visit the farm. All the goats are pasture-reared without any the use of artificial antibiotics or hormones. You can purchase eggs from pastured chicken on the farm as well.

Farm 45 Llc


Location: 3180 Co Rd C, Jackson, WI 53037, United States

The farm raises sheep and dairy buck goats for their meat. They supply the meat to the best restaurants and retail outlets in Milwaukee. It is a family-owned farm that has been in existence for over a long time and passed down to over four generations. All the goats and sheep are pasture reared. They get their feed from the organically grown farm products here.

oney Down Goat Farm

Honey Down Farm


Location: 2629 Countryside Ln, Richfield, WI 53076, United States

This small farm in Richfield raises Nigerian goats for dairy milk production and show. They hold several events to showcase these beautiful animals to the public. They also sell eggs from pastured chicken and pure honey from their apiaries. Other products you can get from the farm include goat soap, goat milk bath dust, herbal salve, scrubs, and steamers.

I don’t know about you, but I love it when I see gems like at the local farmers’ markets.

Farm of Beauty, Goats, and Sheep


Location: 7766 WI-113, Lodi, WI 53555, United States

The farm breeds and sells Icelandic sheep and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. Goat rearing was a hobby that grew into a career for Barbara, the owner. The milk from the dairy goats is used for making cheese and homemade ice cream. The goats are raised holistically and without the use of artificial antibiotics. They sell goat kids on their website and social media platforms.

Raspberry Hill Farm


Location: N2385 Gempeler Rd, Monroe, WI 53566, United States

Raspberry breeds Nubian and Saneen dairy goats. All the kids are raised on prevention and they test for CAE every year. They keep a small herd throughout the year and sell all the kids they can afford to sell to visitors and other interested parties. You can check their website to see the herd they have available for sale at any given time of the year.

Cylon Rolling Acres Goat Farm

Misty Meadows Dairy


Location: W4282 Schutt Ln, Monroe, WI 53566, United States

The owners of Misty Meadows moved from the city and bought a farm in the countryside in Monroe to farm vegetables on a small piece of land in 2000. The idea to start a goat dairy farm came in 2002. Today, they have over 150 goats that produce milk for making Chevre cheese. You can purchase Chevre, Cheddar cheese, and goat milk soaps at the farm store. They also sell organic farm-fresh vegetables and herbs.

Cylon Rolling Acres, LLC


Location: Deer Park, WI 54007, 715-607-0248

This is a 140-acre family-owned property that breeds pasture-raised Boer goats with a 40-50 breeding stock. They sell a variety of goat products in their farm store. When you visit the farm, you will learn more about how to breed goats. You can also buy cuts of goat meat and sausages.

D&L Kikos

Website: |

Location: 1112 State Road 73 Edgerton, WI 53534

This is a small farm in South Wisconsin. It specializes in the breeding of Kiko goats for meat. They sell DNA-certified full-blood animals. You can order their meat cuts or whole goats on their website and social media platforms.

Platinum Sky Farm goat farm

Platinum Sky Farm


Location: N/A

Platinum sky farm is a small goat farm in Lisbon, about 30 minutes West of Milwaukee. They raise different kinds of animals for their meat, show or milk. At the moment, only Nigerian dwarf dairy goats are bred on the farm. They also have pasture-raised poultry and other animals on the land.

To wrap it up on goat farms in Wisconsin:

It just goes to show that dairy farmers have options besides cow’s milk in America’s dairyland and that the Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association is gaining traction with Wisconsin farmers.

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