Our Top Chicago Travel and Adventure Show Tips

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I LOVE the Chicago Travel and Adventure show and use it to make my plans for the upcoming year. I connect with incredible destinations, get information on activities that interest me, and catch some excellent travel insider tips from cool speakers like Rick Steves.

Our Top Chicago Travel and Adventure Show Tips

Chicago Travel & Adventure Show Tips

What is the Chicago Travel & Adventure Show?

The Chicago Travel & Adventure Show is a perfect platform to explore various vacation options and discover more than 250 destinations across the globe. It is a trendy direct-to-consumer travel marketplace that has managed to create a field for leading travel companies to promote their brands.

The travel companies use this platform to showcase their products and services to thousands of travel enthusiasts who are looking for a place for their next travel vacation. The tourist destinations that are promoted here attract everyone, and this enthusiasm makes the show successful.

Where is it held?

The 2022 Chicago Travel & Adventure Show is being held in the Donald E Stephens Convention Center at North River Road in Rosemont (IL). Children who are under 16 years of age are not charged any admission fee, and the one-day adult tickets are sold at $11-24 each (kids under 16 FREE) online. GET YOUR TICKETS.

For a current list of exhibitors, featured chefs, and performances, visit http://travelshows.com/chicago

Before You Go

Planning is an essential process in any vacation, and it starts with the most important one – whether you want to plan locally or abroad?

Sometimes it is difficult to make such a decision within the confines of your home. Maybe you need a stimulus to make that long-cherished vacation come true. So when the time comes to plan your next vacation, I would suggest you go to the Chicago Travel and Adventure Show!

Navigating through a travel show/fair is not a difficult task as you check the booth list beforehand, and find out who is looking after the region where you plan to travel. These travel booths are very helpful as they help you choose a location as per your interest and budget, and even make reservations for your upcoming vacation.

So as soon as you enter the travel show, you should make a mental list of the travel booth that you want to visit, and this will allow you to save time and also make an informed decision quickly.

Check out the Speaker List

The travel shows in the US, including the Chicago Travel and Adventure Show, feature some of the most educational and inspirational speakers from the world of travel. You can get valuable travel tips, and gain insights and advice from people like Pauline Frommer and other famous travel experts. You need to check the booth schedule and visit those booths where they are supposed to interact and speak.

This year? I am intrigued by Award-Winning Travel Writer, Actor, and Director Andrew McCarthey. I admit, as a teen in the 80s, I had a total crush on him.

Make sure you also check out my good friend Theresa Carter Goodrich who goes by the moniker The Local Tourist. She was one of my partners in Midwest Road Trip Adventures and will be speaking besides having a booth of her own to sign her vast collection of books.

Field of Flowers North Farm
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What fun activities are there?

From our experiences in the past, we have scuba-dived and ridden camels. As covid has kept the show from happening until this year, I don’t see either of these on the list this year – at least not in Chicago.

Chicago Travel Show Exhibitors

The Chicago Travel and adventure show is just like a world fair but on a miniature scale. It would help if you came with your entire family as there is something for everyone in these travel shows that are held across the US, including Chicago. You can hop onto a camel for a free ride around the indoor arena. The camel is usually from a rescue center, and it is brought in the travel shows to promote awareness about the work done by these rescue centers.

In some of the travel shows, there is also an indoor pool where divers instructors are there to let you experience what scuba diving is! So when you come to the show, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit. Once you experience this, you may be inclined to choose destinations that have facilities for scuba diving.

If you love food, then also you will not be disappointed as the majority of these travel shows, and especially the one in Chicago has many food stalls that serve delicacies from across the globe. You can choose a vacation destination after tasting the cuisine from that region. In short, you really cannot make a wrong decision regarding travel when you visit the travel & adventure shows.

In case the Chicago show does not work for you due to some reason, then you can visit some of the other travel and adventure shows in the US namely,

  • Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show, LA
  • North Coast Golf & Travel Shows, Cleveland
  • Washington DC Travel & Adventure Shows, Washington DC, and many others.
Chicago Neighborhoods To Visit

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