House on the Rock Tickets Add up to Whimsical Fun!

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When looking at investing in House on the Rock tickets, it is hard to believe there is such an attraction in the middle Southern Wisconsin. Located between the towns of Spring Green, and Dodgeville in Wisconsin, the House on the Rock is a popular tourist attraction built by Alex Jordan Jr.

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The House on the Rock was built in 1945, but it opened its doors in 1959 and is often described as a vast complex of architecturally distinct rooms, gardens, streets, and shops. The House is actually on the top of Deer Shelter Rock, and various additions have been made to the original structure over the years. Other buildings were added over many decades.

Visit the House on the Rock!

The complex now has several features such as a 20th century US town, ‘Heritage of the Sea’ that showcases nautical exhibits, and a 200ft model of a creature that looks like a massive sperm whale. There is also a carousel at the House on the Rock. It has as many as 269 carousel animals and more than 20,000 lights. The striking feature of the carousel is that there are no horses.

The House on the Rock undergoes a makeover in the winter during Christmas time, and during that time, many bathrooms are decorated with beautiful objects like preserved animals, mannequins, and flowers.

Is the House on the Rock handicap accessible?

Once my father-in-law became a part of our travel plans, this was a big thing for us to consider. He had a hard time with stairs, and a walker. While we could have taken his wheel chair, it wouldn’t have helped. The original House on the Rock is not handicapped accessible as there are loads of cramped spaces.

However, some sections of the House are definitely handicap accessible, and there are three sections of the House which need to be seen. We suggest that you devote at least a couple of days to see House on the Rock as there are tons of things to see here. Make sure you test your fate with the Infinity room…

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How Far is House on the Rock from Chicago?

The House on the Rock is just a short distance of 154 miles from Chicago. That makes a jaunt from the windy city a fun day trip! Just keep readng to see what other fun things are in the area so you can make a day out of it.

How much does it cost to go through the House on the Rock?

A full tour is available for the House on the Rock. House on the Rock tickets cost 30 USD for adults, 27 USD for seniors, and 16 USD for kids that are over three years old. Make sure you take time to tour the grounds outside too – they are as neat to experience as all the crazy indoors.

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What else is there to do in Spring Green, Wisconsin?

House on the Rock tickets aren’t the only reason to visit the area. Just an hour’s drive away from Madison, Spring Green is a small village in Wisconsin. The town is not big, but there are lots of activities in store for both tourists and the locals. The best time to see the various attractions in Spring Green is when the weather remains warm. It is the best time to visit a few places, dine at a buffet, and sample a cup of hot tea at the local tea shop. Some of the major attractions of Spring Green are:

The Shitty Barn

Don’t let the name fool you, the Shitty Barn is a unique music venue. It is a very intimate space with tiny separating instruments. It became a musical concert venue in June 2010 when it hosted a local performance for the first time. The reason behind the success of Shitty Barn is live music. The barn offers a perfect conclusion to a day of eating and drinking.

Freddy Valentine’s Public House

Freddy Valentine’s is a restaurant cum pub located within the iconic State Bank of Spring Green. It was established in 2012 by a husband and wife duo, and it provides a fantastic environment for its customers. The building itself is more than 100 years old, and inside there are coffered ceilings and a bar that is made from 20th-century marble. The menu has both English and International dishes, and the bar has a wide array of beer and wines.

Taliesin Preservation

Taliesin is an 800-acre estate that has the home, studio, and school of Frank Lloyd Wright. The estate was named Taliesin by Wright before his death as he wanted to pay tribute to Welsh heritage. In his honor, several cultural events and workshops take place here from time to time.

Tower Hill State Park

The Tower Hill State Park is very close to the Wisconsin River and is home to many historical structures such as the Helena Shot Tower. It has been inducted in the National Register of Historic Places. The visitors can enter the park during the warm weather, and see the exhibits that relate to the construction of the tower. There are close to 15 trails, and quite a few campsites that have fit pits, and picnic tables.

American Players Theater

The American Players Theater or APT is an indoor, and outdoor theater. The APT was founded in 1980, there is an outdoor amphitheater that can seat more than 1000 people, and there is also an indoor theater called The Touchstone that can seat 200 people. The visitors can bring in their food or buy dinner, and enjoy themselves in the picnic areas. The amphitheater has regular shows from June to November, and it hosts more than a hundred performances during the season. It makes for a great family adventure!

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