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Force Field Nano Magic Kit

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One of the scariest moments I ever had behind the wheel was when I was on the Illinois Tollway, during rush hour, and out of wiper fluid. The snow was coming down and I am sure you have been there at least once – the salted roads create that slushy mess and the cars in front of you kick it up onto your windshield. That is exactly what was happening and I was constantly using my wipers to try to clear it – until I ran out of that blue liquid.

FYI: without wiper fluid, your wipers simply smear that mess back and forth, and you find it harder and harder to see the road or cars ahead of you. I remember using the remaining water from a bottle of water that was still in the cupholder from my teen. I leaned out of my open driver window and poured it on to occasionally act like that empty wiper fluid bin and help me see for a few minutes.

It was one of the worst driving experiences of my life!

Enter Nanomagic

I know that I will NEVER experience anything like that again as I have been treated to a package from this amazing brand. First of all – I LOVE companies that give back! Their “buy an ounce give an ounce” policy means they really pay it forward with their Force Field Windshield products. Doesn’t that make for a true win-win transaction?

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It is SO easy to apply – just like their videos show. Check out my friend Veronica’s post about her experience: How to Clean a Car Windshield. Here is the thing, yes – I did it too, but y’all know I even took auto mechanics way back in high school. She was going to have her husband apply it but he got Covid! (he is doing much better now) She did it by herself and was amazed at how easy it was to do.

As you can see, one of the best things about Nanomagic Force Field Winsdsheild Protection is that it is easy to apply and requires no special tools or knowledge. All you need to do is spray on the nanocoating and then buff it into the glass with a microfiber cloth. The coating will last up to one year before needing to be reapplied for maximum protection against flying debris and scratches. Additionally, since there’s no need for any special tools or equipment, this type of windshield protection can also be used on windows in homes or businesses as well!

But Wait – There is More

They also sent me their 2-in-1 Anto Fog Lens Cleaner. This pack of 25 magical wipes stops fog, is non-abrasive, and streak free.

Why do I love that? We had Covid in December and I had to wear a mask for almost a week after. With glasses. In December. In Wisconsin.


These totally eliminate all that fog and I can’t wait to try them on my skiing goggles! Having pre-moistened wipes means it is super easy to pack with our gear – and they are beyond airport friendly.

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It Reduces Glare!

Here is another great benefit of using this: it has been proven to reduce glare from headlights at night. As a 50+ driver who is less and less happy driving at night, I love this.

This makes driving safer in low-light conditions as well as rain or snowstorms when visibility may already be compromised by poor weather conditions. Plus, because this type of windshield protection reduces reflections off the glass surface, passengers won’t have to squint when looking out their windows.

So What Is Nanomagic Force Field?

Nanomagic has a special coating that is applied to your windshield to protect it from damage. The coating creates a force field around the glass that helps it resist minor impacts and scratches that can occur while driving. It also provides a hydrophobic effect so that rain will bead up and roll off rather than accumulating on the glass and obscuring your vision. This makes driving in inclement weather much safer.

So yes, I would have been so much better off on that fated Chicago day. I am tickled that my newly driving teen will never have to experience something like that! This single application protects the windshield for up to a year – that is HUGE! I will be ordering a new box every time I “fall back” for daylight savings time. It is right up there on the task list with replacing the smoke detector batteries.

How Does it Work?

I could just tell you that it uses the magic power of nanotechnology but their advanced product solutions really do make a difference in your driving experience with almost a single step of the application. I mean, who doesn’t like magic?

Let’s get technical: the nanoscale particles in Nanomagic Force Field are so small that they actually fill in microscopic pores in the windshield’s glass surface. This creates a protective barrier between the glass and environmental pollutants like dust and dirt. The product also has hydrophobic properties which repel water and prevent ice buildup in colder weather conditions. Lastly, as mentioned before, this product helps reduce glare from bright streetlights or headlights while driving during nighttime hours.

Just check out this quick video on the Anti Fog:

A Word of Caution

This is NOT going to make your car impervious to those pebbles that bounce out of that construction site dump truck ahead of you on the highway.

Save Money

I have an exclusive coupon for you – it will save you 20% off ANY item in their website shop. That is DOUBLE the discount you get for signing up on their site. Check it out for yourself – but hurry, there is a lot more winter weather on the way!

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