The Famous Abandoned Haunted House Complex of Wisconsin

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In the depths of Wisconsin, there is a famous Abandoned Haunted House Complex that has been the perfect place to get your Halloween scare on! There are so many great options for activities and different kinds of experiences.

The Famous Abandoned Haunted House Complex

I don’t know about you but I love haunted houses in the fall! They are the perfect place to get your spook on. I mean, who doesn’t love being scared?

If you are dating someone, it is the BEST way to get your partner to snuggle up and cuddle with you. Each sudden scary surprise can have your sweetie jump into your arms.

History of the complex? 

The Abandoned Haunted House Complex is the ideal location to create memories like no other as it will have your heart beating with endless excitement. It is one of Wisconsin’s most treasured attraction sites that has been going on for years and will continue to create the experience both locals and visitors are looking for.

As the name suggests, it creates a haunted experience with lots of features embedded in the different haunted houses on the complex. When it started, the whole idea was to create something different for the state of Wisconsin. It has been running for years, and with each passing day, the development never stops. 

Abandoned Haunted House Complex Tours 

There are four main haunted houses at the complex that you can experience. The excitement, exuberance, and fun that come along with each entry will have you coming back for more crazy memories. So, what should one expect when they visit each house? Here’s a short rundown of the fun that awaits you… 

Ambush Haunted House 

Ambush Haunted House has everything to get your blood rushing! It is designed with an intense startle-scare setting that features loud noises, bright lighting effects, actors popping out at random intervals, and engulfing scene effects.

The entire tour of this house takes an average of 20 minutes to complete, and we can tell you it will not disappoint. The house was created to give a “real-life” experience of life while people had to traverse through the unknown.

Are you the kind of person who loves to be unsure of where the next “scare” will be coming from? If you ask us, we will say the weak or faint-hearted may have trouble enjoying this particular choice.


Hysteria Haunted House 

With a total of 20 minutes for the complete journey, you can expect to encounter an experience where things do not seem the way they appear. This house features lots of illusions, confusions, and misdirection.

This house utilizes all the nerves in your mind and has all your senses on the peak. The audible and visual scare will have you jumping in surprise as the random pop-ups can’t help but get your attention. The lighting effects, actor interactions, sounds, and more will have you tipping on your toes, awaiting the next fright. 

Stalker Haunted House 

If you are not ready to deal with the idea of your mind playing tricks on you, then this house may have you screaming at the top of your lungs – in a fun way. The Stalker Haunted House is created with a startle-scare experience. The scenes designed in this house will definitely play some tricks on you, and you will have to brave up to make it out “standing firm.”

There are numerous shacks, vegetation, and other creative scenes with characters popping out at you. If you want to keep your “sanity in a good way,” it’s best to keep close to your tour group. This is another adventure that takes roughly 20 minutes to complete.

Abandoned Axe Throwing 

Have you ever played with a dangerous weapon anytime in your life? Would you like to test your skills now or try to get a new skill for those who haven’t? Well, the Abandoned Axe Throwing House is the ideal place for you.

Abandoned Axe Throwing 

Getting a feel for the lifestyle of those old Circus performers or those axe murderers from action films can now be a fun thing for you and your friends. With the help of the tour guides, you will be shooting straighter than an arrow in no time!

Trying to prepare for the zombie apocalypse? This journey could sharpen your skills and help you stay alive in that time. One of the added fun to this journey is that you get gifts once you hit the target (with the ax). 

Abandoned Haunted House Complex Location, Hours, and Ticket Prices

If you find yourself in Racine County during the fall, The Abandoned Haunted House Complex is a must-visit!

Located at 2825 SE Frontage Road, Mount Pleasant, in Racine County. With all the covid-19 protocols in place, you can enjoy some amazing time with your friends and family.

For 2021, September 25, October 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, 22-23, 29-30, and November 5-6 are the opening dates (Fridays & Saturdays) from 6:30pm – 11:30pm. If you want to beat the rush of visitors into the haunted house, be in the line by 6:45 pm, and you will have the chills running down your spine! 

Please take note, November 6th between 6:30 pm and 11:30 pm will be a date to remember – something special is planned! As you enter, the lights will go out, and you will have only LED candles to light your way.

Are you a lover of adventure and love when the fun chills crawl down your spine? Then, you will definitely love this experience. The Blackout will take place at the Hysteria Haunted house.

Ticket Prices 

You can get in on the fun for anywhere from $35-70 per person.

Are you anxious to know how to get in and what the cost will be? Well, for the Ambush, Hysteria, and Stalker Haunted Houses, the cost is an average of $35, where you save $5 on each entry ticket, but for a full package experience, it will cost an average of $40.

If you desire to skip the admission lines, $15 will guarantee a QuickPass Haunt Entry Upgrade. For the Axe Throwing adventure, it will cost an average of $5. 

There are a few super deals you can cash in on, such as paying $70 for Abandoned/Burial Chamber Quick pass Combo (deal only available online).

This package will guarantee you a quick pass for the Ambush, Hysteria, and Stalker Haunted Houses, as well as a Quick pass for 3 Haunted Experiences at Burial Chamber Haunted House Complex in Neenah, Wisconsin.

–>However, you have to visit Abandoned Haunted House Complex before you can bank on this amazing deal. 


Get In Touch With Them 

Have questions about the adventure site or need some additional information, you can reach out to the team at +1 262-886-1182, their website, or reach out to them via email.

Finding the Haunted House Complex 

The complex sits at 2825 SE Frontage Road. Mount Pleasant, WI 53177

If you are entering from the North, you need to take Interstate 94 South to Exit 333, turn left on Highway 20, then the first right on SE Frontage Road and travel a few minutes down the road until you see the entrance signs. 

Once you enter Interstate 94 just as the North, you take the same journey for those coming from the South- Chicago and surrounding area. 

Finding the Haunted House Complex 

What are you waiting for?

Plan a visit to the Abandoned Haunted House Complex!

The Abandoned Haunted House Complex is the perfect place for you to explore your inner action hero or heroine or get your fright on.

Do you know of another fun Haunted House in Wisconsin? Let us know!

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