Dog Sledding Wisconsin at the Siberian Outpost Fond du Lac

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What do injured animals, Jim Feyen, and love for a winter sport have in common? If you are looking at Dog Sledding Wisconsin then you have the makings of the Siberian Outpost!

Siberian Outpost Dog Sledding!

Who knew that there was dog sledding in Wisconsin? I sure as heck didn’t. Sled dog excursions are a labor of love here and the different stories of these beautiful creatures will break your heart.

These beautiful huskies are all rescue dogs! Jim and his team lovingly rehabilitate them and give them a purpose: to be part of a team.

Jim Feyen, the driving force behind Siberian Outpost

Dog Sledding Wisconsin at the Siberian Outpost

We were really treated last weekend to the opportunity to get to know and experience their story…and, what wasn’t to love about this interesting sport and the team that is locally behind it?

Just listening to him talk, you could hear the passion for these animals pour out of Jim! It’s not the basics, like how each dog could pull about twice their weight (each animal tipping the scales at about 50 pounds means they can pull 100 pounds) or even getting the specifics of their breed like how they are the most comfortable outside when it is up to -30 degrees out.

Jim’s Siberian Outpost

Instead, you hear about the love and patience that goes into earning the trust of a dog that someone has done a huge disservice to abusing them.

That job can take three to five years, to simply undo the damage that was inflicted on them and teach them to trust again.

“If I can’t teach a dog left and right I totally failed as a trainer, if I can’t get their dedication and devotion, I failed as a human”.

(sniff) – the only thing I saw more powerful than this was when the harnessed pack was being clipped into position on the line and dancing and singing with eager anticipation. Talk about pure joy…

siberian outpost dog sledding quick explanation

Maybe part of it is how long I have helped with the Madison Homeless Mission … I love to see when someone has a new purpose in life, something that makes them want to get out of bed in the morning!

Dog Sledding Wisconsin at the Siberian Outpost the team is all strung up and ready to runJim Feyen
Dog sledding in Wisconsin is a hoot!

Taking a Dog Sledding Ride

I can’t begin to tell you how neat it was to be able to take one of the dog sled rides behind them…and yes, many of us ladies in the group were tearing up. I was thinking of the school groups at this full-time business and how the kids could learn the history of the Iditarod while getting to experience the ride of your life.


The love for these dogs doesn’t stop there — with the average lifespan being 12-14 years, they have a special way to remember the ones that have passed on, a wall of “fame” so to speak. Their harness is retired and placed on a wall with their picture:

Dog Sledding Wisconsin at the Siberian Outpost former harneses
The wall of memories – with furry loves of the past

Being located near Malone (8 miles east of Fond du Lac, just off Hwy. 151) they do have dog sled demonstrations and rides. Scheduled visitors can assist with the harnessing process in preparation for the ride, drive the dogs (called mushing), learn about the history of these huskies and the sport of dog sledding. 

Here is what I REALLY wanted to share:

Let me start by saying that they did NOT ask me to say this: they need money.

They barely take in enough money to feed the pack, let alone cover all the medical bills that some of the more injured dogs require.

They have done amazing things like make sure they have heated floors in the winter, medication if they need it, and making these wounded critters so loveable again that you are almost knocked over with doggie love when you bend down to give them a hug.

Dog Sledding Wisconsin at the Siberian Outpost getting a little love from a pup

How can anyone help?

Simply send a little note to them, with a donation to:

Siberian Outpost Address:

Siberian Outpost
N9103 County Rd W
Malone, WI 53049

Then, make a point to visit the Siberian Outpost when you are in the area..and tell them I sent you.


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