Must-Hit Mission District Restaurants of San Francisco

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Why the Mission District you might be asking? Well, one of the most iconic food products from San Francisco has to be “THE San Francisco treat.” I bet you even just sang that jingle in your head. It was in the Mission District that Rice-a-Roni got it’s start and today is a multi-ethnic melting pot full of great eats. This list of Mission District Restaurants should help you out!

While there are loads of food options, there are not so many hotels in this area. Nearby neighborhoods have affordable San Francisco hotels, and great public transportation means you can get to the Mission easily. So if your travels have you hitting this great neighborhood, or if you prefer to plan your trips around great food here’s the 411.

Where to Eat in the Mission District of San Francisco

The Main Bite

There’s a good chance whichever ethnic cuisine you’re craving, you can find it in the Mission. Most recently the neighborhood has seen a large Mexican and Central American influence. It’s not a secret that you can find some of the cities best taquerias in the neighborhood. It’s also where the Mission burrito was created. In the 1960’s this style of burrito became popular and is differentiated by it’s large size and inclusion of multiple fillings not found in traditional burritos, and it’s always wrapped in aluminum foil. This dish is a staple in San Francisco and many locals are loyal to one restaurant or another. Where should you go? Chances are you’ll hit a home run anywhere.

Must-Hit Mission District Restaurants of San Francisco taqueria

If you’re more hungry for meat try Lolinda, an Argentinian steakhouse that boasts it, “combines Latin American flavors with Californian sensibilities.” The menu is a mix of local ingredients infused with Latin and Argentinian flavors at what is arguably a very affordable price. The real winners might be the desserts. You can order cookies (alfajores) and milk, or churros and chocolate, along with several other equally delicious items.

Of course in the home of Rice-a-Roni, an Italian restaurant has to make the cut. Flour + Water has a daily changing menu of dishes that includes handmade pastas. Neapolitan pizzas made in a wood-fired stove are also on offer. If you can’t choose just one pasta dish, try their seasonal pasta tastings where you’ll be offered multiple courses (there’s seven on the spring menu) to choose your favorite for next time. For the true foodie? Try the pasta tasting – $89 with several courses of delacasies – with a vegetarian option also! Have it paired with a wine tasting for another $59 – for the ultimate event. It is certainly a Mission District Restaurants list necessity.

Must-Hit Mission District Restaurants of San Francisco pizza and pasta

With a location on the bay, seafood must also be on the menu. Dante’s Weird Fish has pescatarian-friendly, sustainable seafood meals all day long. Soups, fish and chips, fish tacos, sandwiches, and fish plates of all varieties are prepared fresh. To drink they have the elusive Mexican Coke or their own Agua Fresca available. On Saturday and Sunday a hearty brunch is also served.

Sweet Treats

Must-Hit Mission District Restaurants of San Francisco Mission Pie

Mission Pie is all about the classic American dessert – the pie of course! It’s not the only thing on the menu but their wide selection of pies and tarts will leave every sweet tooth happy. Their motto of using high-quality ingredients, and working with producers who feel the same way helps ensure a great end product. Great pie, great ethics – what else can you ask for?

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