24 Waffle Iron Recipes for Hotel Room Cooking

Double Chocolate Mint Waffle Cookies

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If you’re on the road and find yourself in a hotel room, don’t despair – you can still cook up a delicious meal! I know we have talked about coffee pot cooking before but this time? It is all about the waffle iron! All you need is a waffle iron. These 24 waffle iron recipes are perfect for cooking in your hotel room. From savory to sweet, there’s something for everyone here. So get your waffle iron ready and let’s get cooking!

24 Waffle Iron Recipes for Hotel Room Cooking

What is a waffle iron?

A waffle iron is a kitchen appliance that is used to make waffles. It is a flat surface with grids that are heated, allowing you to cook waffles on it.

How do I use a waffle iron?

  • Using a waffle iron is simple – just follow these steps:
  • Plug in your waffle iron and let it heat up for a few minutes
  • Place your waffle batter in the center of the waffle iron grid
  • Close the lid and let it cook for a few minutes until the waffle is cooked through
  • Remove from the waffle iron and enjoy!

Why use a waffle iron in your hotel room?

A waffle iron is a perfect tool for cooking in a small space like a hotel room or even a dorm room! Its compact size means it doesn’t take up much counter space, and it’s easy to store away when you’re done using it.

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Waffle Irons are Budget-Friendly:

Another great thing about waffle irons is that they’re affordable. You can find a decent one for under $30, which is a fraction of the cost of other small appliances like a crockpot or rice cooker.

When you see all the amazing recipes we rounded up for you – you will see how that investment quickly saves on all that “eating out at restaurants cost”.

So what are you waiting for? Start cooking up some delicious waffles with these waffle iron recipes!

24 Waffle Iron Recipes for Hotel Room Cooking

Do you have a waffle iron at home, and is it gathering dust over the years? Well, now is the time to bring it out for these easy waffle recipes. You will feel good with these recipes as you will finally be using your cherished appliance regularly. Waffles taste great on Sunday mornings, but you can try them on any occasion with the following easy-peasy recipes. 

1)     French Toast Waffle Recipe

When you use a waffle iron, you can get the best of both worlds. The richness of the French toast and the crispy ridge of the waffle is a flavorful combination that makes this recipe a real winner.

Get the recipe for French Toast Waffle here


2)     Cinnamon Rolls in a Waffle Maker

If you want to give your kids a sweet and delicious treat, then you can make this cinnamon roll recipe in the waffle maker. The recipe is an easy one, and you can make cinnamon rolls within five minutes.

Get the recipe for Cinnamon Rolls in a Waffle Maker here

3)     Mini Gluten-free Peanut Butter Jelly Waffle

Peanut butter and jelly can be enjoyed any time of the day. These waffle sandwiches are easy to prepare, healthy, and packed with proteins. If you want a shakeup in your boring sandwich routine, then you should love this recipe.

Get the recipe for Mini Gluten-free Peanut Butter Jelly Waffle here

4)     Southwest Waffle Omelet

Why would you have plain old eggs when using your waffle iron for flavorful omelets. These can be made in 15 min, and it hardly needs any cleanup.

Get the recipe for Southwest Waffle omelet here

waffle iron omelets

5)     Gluten-Free Funfetti Waffle Cake 

If you are a big fan of waffles, you should love these funfetti waffle cakes that are fluffy on the inside but crispy on the outside!

Get the recipe of Gluten-Free Funfetti Waffle Cake here

6)     Basic Chaffle Recipe

This recipe you should choose if you want to prepare delicious and straightforward chaffles. You can use them for savory bread, and although almond flour is used, it is still light and fluffy.

Get the Basic Chaffle Recipe here

7)     Waffle Pizza

The waffle pizzas are cheesy and easy to prepare. It just needs a few ingredients, and within a few minutes, your waffle pizzas will be ready.

Get the recipe for Waffle Pizza here

Waffle Pizza

8)     Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The waffle iron grilled cheese sandwiches are buttery and crunchier than the regular grilled cheese sandwiches. If you want a makeover at your lunchtime, you can go for this recipe.

Get the recipe for Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese Sandwich here

9)     Waffle Iron Tater Tots

The Tater Tot Waffles are easy to prepare and fun to eat. In just 10 min you can make a delicious breakfast with this recipe, and when you add a fried egg on top, it becomes filling!

Get the recipe for Waffle Iron Tater Tots here

10)  Leftover Stuffing Waffles

The Leftover Stuffing Waffles are an easy recipe to prepare after Thanksgiving Day. You need simple ingredients like eggs, oil, and cranberry sauce to make this delicious leftover recipe.

Get the recipe for Leftover Stuffing Waffles here

Falafel Waffles

11)  Falafel Waffles

The falafel waffle recipe takes the flavors of falafel and puts them in a crispy waffle.

Get the recipe for Falafel Waffles here

12)  Mashed Potato Waffles

If you have leftover mashed potatoes at home, you can prepare this delicious, mashed potatoes waffles recipe. The waffle iron will do most of the work, and you get to enjoy mashed potatoes in a fun way.

Get the recipe for Mashed Potato Waffles here

13)   Spiralized Sweet Potato Latkes

It is time to ditch the deep-fried potato pancakes, which are so bad for your health. It is an easy sweet potato latkes recipe that uses the minimum ingredients, and since a spiralizer is being used, there is no need to grate the potatoes.

Get the recipe for Spiralized Sweet Potato Latkes here

Spiralized Sweet Potato Latkes

14)   Smoked Salmon Quesadillas

Would you like to add some variety to your lunch or dinner recipes? The waffle iron smoked salmon quesadillas are amazingly delicious, and the recipe also teaches you to use the waffle iron for something more interesting than just bread and flour tortillas.

Get the recipe for Smoked Salmon Quesadillas here

15)  Easy Healthy Eggplant Parmesan

If your kids are not a fan of eggplants, then this recipe is perfect as it will get them hooked on them. You will be surprised to see how well the eggplants get cooked inside the waffle maker. 

Get the recipe for Easy Healthy Eggplant Parmesan here

16)  Chaffle Pizza

Are you looking for a chaffle pizza? There is no need to look any further as the recipe tastes exactly like a thin crust pizza, and it can be prepared within a few minutes.

Get the recipe for Chaffle Pizza here

Keto cornbread chaffles

17)  Keto cornbread chaffles

The keto cornbread chaffles are an easy to prepare side for soups and salads. The almond flour cornbread is crispy on the outside but is fluffy inside and has all the flavors of your favorite corn. It is easy to prepare and is entirely gluten-free.

Get the recipe for Keto Cornbread Chaffles here

18)  Chocolate Chip Vanilla Chaffles

There is hardly any person who does not love chaffles. They are gluten-free and sugar-free, and chocolate chip vanilla chaffles are an easy and healthy breakfast recipe that the whole family will love.

Get the recipe for Chocolate Chip Vanilla Chaffles here

19)  Dutch Stroopwafel Cookies

The Stroopwafel is a circular-shaped waffle that originated in the Netherlands and is very popular in Belgium. It is a common item in the Belgian street food scene and is usually found in kiosks and fairs. Now, this recipe will teach you to prepare Stroopwafel Cookies right at home!

Get the recipe for Dutch Stroopwafel Cookies here

Double Chocolate Mint Waffle Cookies

20)  Double Chocolate Mint Waffle Cookies

The double chocolate waffle cookies recipe can be prepared quickly and is a perfect dessert recipe that the whole family can enjoy after a fancy meal. You cannot miss this delicious recipe if you are a die-hard fan of chocolates.

Get the recipe for Double Chocolate Mint Waffle Cookies here

21)  Waffle Iron Turtle Cookies

The cookies are made in a waffle iron, and it gets the name because of the unique shape of the cookies. It does not need a lot of ingredients and you can also make a gluten-free version of it.

Get the recipe for Waffle Iron Turtle Cookies here

22)  Turkey and Stuffing Waffles

The Turkey and Stuffing Waffles is a gamechanger for the Thanksgiving leftovers. The leftover stuffing is put in a waffle iron to form waffles. There is no chance of overeating, too, as the waffle is served in a single serving potion.

Get the recipe for Turkey and Stuffing Waffles here

23)  Learn How to Make Pawaffles

The Pawaffle Toast Recipe is a French toast waffle that is best enjoyed during breakfasts. It has become trendy across the internet, and people want this mainly with bacon or sausage.

Learn how to make Pawaffles here

ham and cheese breakfast waffle sandwich

24)  Ham and Cheese Hash Brown Waffles

You can use your waffle iron to prepare smooth and silky hashbrowns, which are so delicious! They can be prepared quickly and is a beautiful breakfast recipe.

Get the recipe for Ham and Cheese Hash Brown Waffles here

Waffle Iron FAQs

How do you use a waffle iron?

To use a waffle iron, you need to heat it up first. Once it is heated, you can put the batter in and close the lid. The waffle iron will cook the waffles and they will come out golden brown and crispy.

What are some of the best tips for using a waffle iron?

Some of the best tips for using a waffle iron include making sure that the waffle iron is heated up properly before adding the batter, using a non-stick cooking spray on the waffle iron grids, and flipping the waffles over once they are cooked. You can also serve them with syrup, whipped cream, or chocolate sauce.

What are some of the dangers of using a waffle iron?

One of the dangers of using a waffle iron is that it can get too hot and can cause burns. It is important to be careful when handling the waffle iron and to wait for it to cool down before storing it away.

What are some of the most common mistakes people make when using a waffle iron?

Some of the most common mistakes people make when using a waffle iron include not heating the waffle iron up properly before adding the batter, putting too much or too little batter in the waffle iron, and not flipping the waffles over once they are cooked. It is also important to wait for the waffle iron to cool down before storing it away.

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