Traveling Cheesehead: Opelousas King Cake Coffee *Fundraiser Flavor

Traveling Cheesehead: Opelousas King Cake Coffee *Fundraiser Flavor

Yes, the profits from this label are being donated. You can read more below to find out all the details.

This coffee is unlike any other, with a flavor that can only be described as Mardi Gras in a cup. All proceeds from the sale of this coffee will be donated to the Le Vieux Village Heritage Park in St Landry Parish of Louisiana, so you can enjoy your cup while knowing that you’re supporting a good cause.

traveling cheesehead king cake coffee

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I was in Lafayette Louisiana for a travel conference and got to be the guest of St Landry Parish afterward. We had an incredible itinerary – amazing good to try, fun historical places to visit, and so much more.

One place we checked out was a living history museum that has been hit really hard by Covid tourism – or lack of tourism during Covid. (sigh)

The place has so much potential, a great message to share with future generations and more. That is why we created this King Cake Coffee – hoping that Mardi Gras in a cup would allow us to create a generous donation to help them replace signs, add staff, and more.

Thank you in advance for helping us be able to help them.