Traveling Cheesehead Coffee: German Chocolate Cupcake

Traveling Cheesehead Coffee: Botanical Garden Tea

This blend is based on my most popular cupcake recipe! With hints of chocolate, coconut, and pecans, this German Chocolate Cupcake Coffee is a delicious way to treat yourself! Even better? It is easier on your waistline than my cupcakes.

Traveling Cheesehead Coffee: Botanical Garden Tea

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Yes, chocolate is the 5th food group and you should have three servings a day! Heck, German Chocolate Cupcakes are the most popular recipe on our cupcake site – just read it for yourself: Amazing German Chocolate Cupcakes Are a Must-Try.

Cupcakes are magical – they are the perfect portion control, easy to customize, and can be just downright fun to decorate! It doesn’t matter if you make them from scratch or use a dollar-special boxed cake mix – I have never seen a person (of any age) turn one down when it was offered to them.

This is your cupcake in a cup – slightly mocha with notes of coconut. I am sure you will be delighted!