Traveling Cheesehead Coffee: Coastal Cappuccino

Traveling Cheesehead Coffee: Coastal Cappuccino

There is nothing like sailing on a tall ship around Portland Maine and checking out their amazing collection of lighthouses as you learn the history of the area. This Coastal Cappuccino brings you along on that afternoon cruise with me as I tilt my face to the sun and snack as the Captain shares juicy history of the area’s past.

Traveling Cheesehead Coffee: Coastal Cappuccino

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For about 15 years, my husband’s great aunt had said in the Christmas card every year “come visit.” It got to the point that I asked him how many more years did he want to wait? When adults are 80-plus years old, you are starting to race the clock for such opportunities.

We made it happen as summer 2022 was drawing to a close – our last family trip of the season. We had big plans: try different kinds of lobster rolls, see lighthouses, check out the LLBean mothership, and enjoy a lot of time with Cousin Hazel.

OK – it might be just me, but (don’t tell the citizens of Portland Maine I said this) I think lobster rolls are overrated. I tried the cold version that is mixed with a little mayo, and the hot version with melted butter.


I guess I am more of a scallops or plain ol’ fish kind of gal.

I did love the tall ship harbor cruise we took, all the lighthouses we visited, the history of tall ships that we learned about, and the wonderful conversations with Hazel.

Hazel and I were the early birds of the group – we would get up, have coffee together as the sun was coming up, and chat.

That is this cappuccino – a visit with family in a cup. You can learn history, try new things, and just reconnect. While you are at it, try to find a lighthouse to check out.