Pawsome Pack for Traveling With Your Dog

Checking out the shore of Lake Michigan in Sheboygan Wisconsin

Welcome, fellow dog lovers and travel enthusiasts! Tazuna and I are thrilled to have you here, ready to embark on incredible adventures with your four-legged companions. At The Traveling Cheesehead, we believe every journey becomes even more memorable when shared with our furry friends. That’s why we’ve assembled a pawsome pack for you: the “Pawsome Pack for Traveling With Your Dog“!

Pawsome Pack for Traveling With Your Dog

Inside this printable, you’ll find a treasure trove of invaluable resources to ensure safe, enjoyable, and wag-tastic travels. Get ready to unleash your wanderlust and make unforgettable memories together! Our list of travel safe tips will guide you through the ins and outs of navigating new destinations while keeping a dog’s safety and well-being at the forefront.

But that’s not all! Our doggo packing list ensures you never forget a single essential item for your canine companion. From travel bowls and cozy blankets to their favorite toys and treats, we’ve compiled a checklist to guarantee the pup is fully equipped for their travel adventures. And because we know how important it is to stay connected in this digital age, we’ve also included a list of pooch-friendly travel apps, specially curated to make your journeys smoother, whether you’re searching for pet-friendly restaurants, nearby parks, or even dog-friendly accommodation options.

What We Love

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Safety First!

I know this is a two-pack, but we have two cars so one of these lives in each vehicle. It is harder to forget something if it lives in the car! They click into your normal seatbelt plug and then we just clip it onto Taz’s harness.

WHY are these important? A 45-pound dog can get pretty hurt if you are in an accident and they fly around your car. It also helps avoid the possibility of jumping out of a window while the car is moving.

This is the actual bag we use when we travel! Taz’s favorite fleece blankie fits in there well when it is all rolled up, it comes with the bowls, has plenty of room to pack food and toys, and is easy to carry. We LOVE the “modular feel” of it in the car.

Taz’s Favorite Travel Toys

The flat flying disc is great for taking up almost no space in our bag and holds up well with a “super chewer” like we have.

The “Chucky Ball” is probably what excites her the most, and is a laser-focused activity that really helps reward her.

Our Preferred Brand

It goes without saying, poop needs to be picked up. We love these leakproof guaranteed bags that are made from 65% certified post-consumer recycled plastic.

Get your Pawsome Pack for Traveling With Your Dog here:

So, get those tails wagging and paws itching to explore! Simply click below to unlock your Pawsome Pup Pack and start your journey towards unforgettable adventures with your furry best friend. Thank you for joining us on this exciting quest, and remember, the world is yours to discover, one pawprint at a time!

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