Why You Should Get a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass

cedar falls platinum pass

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All Cedar Fair parks offer a choice of three passes. Aregular season pass, a gold pass that has added gold member perks including free parking and discounts throughout the park, as well as the platinum pass that allows all the perks of the gold membership but also admission into ALL Cedar Fair Parks. So, now the debate is between whether you should get a gold pass or spend a little bit extra and spring for the Cedar Fair platinum pass? You have to weigh the pros and cons, but I am going to be telling you why you should go for the platinum!

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Get the Cedar Fair Platinum Pass

Saves You Money on Multiple Parks:

If you plan to do any family vacations this Summer, go somewhere where there is another Cedar Fair theme park, and you already have your admission covered for that park. With the Platinum Pass, you can get into all Cedar Fair theme parks and water parks.

Gives You a Reason to Travel:

There are a lot of Cedar Fair parks on the Midwest-East Coast. If you planned it out and had a few weeks for an extended vacation, you can make it a road trip and visit several parks, and your pass will give you into all of them!

Early Admission:

A lot of Cedar Fair parks offer an hour early admission for a select amount of rides, and this is only offered to Platinum Passholders. The rides allotted changes daily, but it’s nice to be able to get into the park early and not have to wait in ridiculously long lines.

Discounted Merchandise:

With both gold and platinum pass, you get the benefit of 10% off all merchandise throughout the park as well as 10% off most food and beverage purchases as well. Saving a bit of money is always nice.

It Pays for Itself:

With the cost of admission to these parks, going to the park just a few times pays for the whole pass. It is well worth paying the price of the pass as long as you plan to use it up! Between paying for admission and parking (which you get free with the pass), you only have to attend about five times to get your money’s worth.

I’ve been to a few different Cedar Fair parks, and they are all phenomenal. They have a wide range of rides, and they are some of the biggest theme parks in America. I would highly recommend getting a platinum pass and trying out multiple parks!

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