Traveling Cheesehead Coffee: Candy Cane

Traveling Cheesehead Coffee: Candy Cane

Every December we watch the C.P. Rail Holiday Train performance when it stops in Columbus, Wisconsin with kids young and old. Even Santa would love our Candy Cane Coffee! With its refreshing peppermint flavor, this gourmet coffee is perfect for a seasonal warm-up.

Traveling Cheesehead Coffee: Candy Cane

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I won’t kid you, it has been VERY cold most of the evenings we waited for the train to arrive. I have everyone bundled up, with hats – gloves – scarves – and even blankets around their shoulders!

I make a thermos of cocoa for the kids, and coffee for the adults – and even pack a few holiday cookies to keep that energy up.

The actual show might only last long enough for 4-5 songs, but it is simply magical seeing the fully decorated train come down the track towards you. Seeing the excitement in the faces of the kids as they see Santa come out and dance on the stage to the music.

It is pure small-town magic.

That is the true inspiration for this flavor. May our candy cane coffee bring the magic of the season to your cup. Crank up the holiday tunes and give a little elf-like dance around your kitchen as wait for the minute or two that it takes to brew.

Happy Holiday!

Candy Cane  coffee Box Label