Traveling Cheesehead Coffee: Bismarck Blend

Traveling Cheesehead Coffee: Bismarck Blend

I fell in love with North Dakota when I had the chance to visit. There was this one place with French pastries – called the Brick Oven Bakery. Those delectable treats still echo in my taste buds and are the inspiration for this Bismarck Blend Coffee. Hints of chocolate over a French cream treat take these beans to a subtle level of decadence.

Traveling Cheesehead Bismarck Blend coffee

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I have the cute little bison on the label because when I knew I was going to visit Bismark, I asked my teen: “What would you like me to bring you back? I am going to North Dakota and can get you a cowboy, bison, or arrowheads.

OK, I wasn’t really going to bring a cowboy home, but it was worth the chuckle and I know the teen was listening to me… parents of teens will understand.

I was asked to bring home a mini cowboy hat – which, after a little digging, I found out was for their cat – so they could take adorable little pictures of the cat in the mini cowboy hat.


FYI – you cant find a mini cowboy hat in North Dakota when you are looking for one. I checked a LOT of stores! So, I brought back a bison – Tyson the Bison to be exact! I found him in the gift shop at the Bismarck Mandan Visitors Center.

Bismarck may have a ton of great food, incredible history, and even dinosaurs, but my family will always know of it as “Tyson the bison” country. Ha!

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Bismarck Blend coffee Box Label