Traveling Cheesehead Coffee: Baseball Brew

Traveling Cheesehead Coffee: Baseball Brew

Simpler times – that is where my visit to Dyersville Iowa transported me to. We spent time at the iconic Field of Dreams, where even my husband was verklempt. Our Baseball Brew takes you back to simpler times also. Nothing fancy, just a good cup of coffee.

Traveling Cheesehead Coffee: Baseball Brew

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Whether you have seen the movie Field of Dreams or not, we can all agree that Baseball is America’s pastime. Dad used to come home from work and toss the ball a few times with Junior before dinner. Heck, I even have great memories of going to see the Milwaukee Brewers play – back in the Rollie Fingers and Stormin’ Gorman Thomas days.

We would tailgate with either hot dogs or pack sandwiches, and Dad would always bring those salted peanuts in the shell. I remember him keeping detailed score in the programs with his little pencil – it was as foreign to me as bowling was back then – when we had to score that for ourselves too!

THAT is the kind of feeling you get when you walk out on the simple baseball diamond in Dyersville Iowa. That instant transportation back to childhood. Of time with your dad – just like this movie clip.

I was there on a press trip a few years ago and just this year was able to take my husband there. He walked the bases after the little league game was over. He walked out of the cornfield. He looked up at the classic farmhouse that is still there.

It is one of those bucket list destination items that can’t really be described, you simply have to experience it.

That is what this Baseball Blend does for me. It takes me back to Dyersville Iowa where I walked out of the cornfield and felt the magic. Where I saw it again when I watched my husband experience it for the first time.

Simple memories, simpler times. This is a simple cup of coffee that brings it back to good ol’ Americana.

Dyersville, Iowa: Home of the Field of Dreams Park