My Tour Of the Hamilton Beach Test Kitchens

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One of the perks of being a company Blogger Ambassador is when you are in the area, they invite you in for a tour! Hamilton Beach and I have worked together a few timses on Operation $40K and it was fun to gegt a sneek peek behind the scenes.
This summer, I was able to tour the Hamilton Beach Test Kitchens with my buds Becky of and Rebekah from Epicurean DC.
I was TOTALLY excited to meet PAT!
You might remember her from her stint with Reynolds  —

SO, here is me with Pat:
One thing I LOVE: Everything they say is substantiated.
All items go through 8 different departments before approval for the literature/ guides that go with each product. They are all tri-lingual (in French, English, and Spanish)
Certain minimum size print for use and care sections of these guides, so it is easy to read!
The test kitchen shoots 10-15 recipes a day when they are working with a product. I like how they use the same kind of system I do, with a glorified white backdrop.
We did get to see some really cool new products that will be out on the market soon like the Party Popper that makes 24 CUPS of popcorn and has a removable serving bowl. Its stores in itself to take up less space when not in use. I totally see something like bacon cheddar popcorn in my future!
I just LOVE the new, collapsible ice cream maker that they sent me! 4 quarts of fun in one container that you can fold up and put away when you are not using it. It will be a hot (or should I say cold) item next summer.
Yes, you will be see new ice cream recipes on my site soon.
Now, test lab vs. test kitchen…there is a difference! The test kitchen sees how the products work to cook dreams, make recipes, get creative with it. The test lab makes sure that things don’t blow up when being used, as well as other things.
I was surprised to learn things like pop tarts are not intended to be used and toasters. So, if you are by using those little baggies that they said just to make like hot grilled cheese sandwiches, etc. in, it is at your own risk! (I think I need a toaster oven now…)
I had a great time learning more about their company and products there as well as the way they like to do things. There are some secrets I may not share, but you will learn soon enough in the future as I am a brand ambassador for them. That means that I get cool Hamilton Beach products to test, try, and review, and then give away to y’all!
Thanks for taking a sneak peek at the Hamilton Beach test kitchens with me!

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