Top 5 Things to do in Epcot’s USA Pavilion

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Epcot’s USA pavilion is also known as the American Adventure. It’s located right in the center of the World Showcase. It’s definitely a pavilion you don’t want to miss if you’re short with time. You will be taken back in time to the Colonial era and you will get an opportunity to try good food and enjoy sounds and sights.

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Top 5 Things to do in Epcot’s USA Pavilion

American Gardens Theater

This place is home to a couple of shows throughout the year. Also, it’s the center stage of the World Showcase. There is a cappella band called the American Music Machine that has a show here several times a day. They usually sing pop songs that guest easily recognizes and sing along with the band most of the time. There’s also a DJ sometimes that plays music for kids.

Liberty Inn

The USA Pavilion doesn’t have a traditional restaurant. However, this is where most families go to get a full dinner or lunch. You will find a big menu with American food including hot dogs, chicken nuggets, New York strip steak, hamburgers, Southwest salad and blue, red, and white salad. Kosher and Vegetarian options are also available. You can grab a fruit cup, brownie, or an apple pie for dessert. American beer also can be found in Liberty Inn.


Compared to the other pavilions, gift shops in the USA Pavilion aren’t very big. However, this is due to the fact that guests don’t have a lot of things to buy something that’s made in the USA that they can’t buy outside Disney World. You can buy books on the founding of the USA and copies of historical documents, along with the usual Disney merchandise. Also, products made in America like Ani and Alex bracelets can be found here as well.

Funnel Cake

You can stop by this booth if you’re looking for a sizeable snack. You can get this treat with your choice of apples, chocolate syrup, ice cream, powdered sugar, or pumpkin spice as a topping. You can buy a funnel cake kit from the stand also if you really enjoy the cake. It will cost you about $20. Other than that, you will only be able to buy bottled water. You will find this place left to the American Gardens Theater.

Kidcot Fun Stop Location

Another place you certainly don’t want to miss. Especially if you’re visiting the USA Pavilion with kids. These are always fun places for them. Locate the main building and look to the right of it. You should be able to see the Kidcot Fun Stop there. It’s in front of the hedge gardens under a covered patio.

Some guests think that there isn’t much to see in the USA Pavilion and they tend to skip over it. Taking the time to learn more about rich American history and how the country was actually founded is a great way to add some educational value to your vacation and a must-do. Next time you’re in World Showcase, make sure not to miss this pavilion.

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