Epcot Morocco Pavilion: Top 5 Things to do

epcot morocco pavilion

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Similar to the USA Pavilion, this one is also often skipped. It’s true that it’s not a romantic destination like France or Italy, but it offers the excitement of trying something new along with a great sense of adventure. Keep an open mind and take a look, the Epcot Morocco Pavilion is offering so much to love!

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Epcot Morocco Pavilion: Top 5 Things to do

Restaurant Marrakesh

Marrakesh is a table service restaurant. It offers wonderful feasting for both your stomach and your eyes. You will feel as you are entering into a palace with tiled décor and stained-glass chandeliers. The food here is absolutely amazing, so don’t be scared to try something new! Some guests believe that it’s overly spicy, but that’s not actually the case. There are a lot of dishes including shish kebab and couscous.

Meet Aladdin and Jasmine

You will get a chance to meet Aladdin and Jasmine in the back of the pavilion. You will also be able to meet characters from other movies here, but usually, there are only Aladdin and Jasmine. Due to its location, the queues aren’t very long, so it’s fairly easy to meet characters without having to wait for hours.

Tower of Terror

This attraction is very close and can be seen from the World Showcase. When this ride was painted, Disney employees used the Moroccan pavilion’s colors and the tower looks like the part of it. You can enjoy the view of it, and even if you go on this ride, you will get a feel of the Moroccan pavilion.

Spice Road Table

This attraction is located right on the water. You will get to enjoy an awesome view of the lagoon and local staples, including a lot of options of alcoholic drinks for those older than 21. It’s also a great place for a light lunch or a quick snack as it offers small plates of food. You can also have a dinner here and enjoy delicious desserts like assorted baklava and the chocolate pyramid. If you only want to drink, there is a bar where you can find special drinks and local beers.

Kidcot Fun Stop location

To find the Kidcot Fun Stop location in the Moroccan Pavilion, you will have to go to The Brass Bazaar. It’s located under the arch after you pass the center plaza. You will then have to go to the room on the left and you should be able to see the Kidcot Fun Stop there.

Be sure you take your time to explore the Morocco Pavilion on your next trip. As already mentioned, guests usually think that there aren’t many things to see here and they tend to skip this place without even checking it. This pavilion often surprises guests and change their minds. This is a reason why a lot of people still keep coming back to the Moroccan Pavilion and enjoy its beautiful scenery, food, and drinks. Also, meeting Aladdin and Jasmine is something you don’t want to miss, for sure!

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