The Baker House – Living History In The Modern Day

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The Baker House is a historical heritage that has so much to offer you, whether it is finding a serene location to relax or one to let your adventurous side come alive. The legendary dwelling was designed and built in 1885 for Mrs. Robert Hall Baker (Emily) and served as a summer house. The property sits on over 17,000 square feet and features up to 30 amazing rooms. The original name of the property was called “Redwood Cottage” because it featured wonderful exterior shingles sourced directly from Californian Redwoods. It also boasts several ornate patterns that highlight the skills and expertise of the craftsmanship of the day. The Baker House is a beauty worth exploring from its pristine stained glass to its hand-planed custom doors and even the stunning wood floors that cover the home. 

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Baker House – Living History In The Modern Day

As the years went by, it was listed as a Nationally Registered Historic Property and held a lot of ornate details worth cherishing. The home has a lot to keep you attracted and enthused, such as the various species of wood that create the flooring (it is said to be one of the first home installations of the great S.C. Johnson). It also features 13 ornate fireplaces, hand-carved mantles designed with pristine J & J.G. Low Art Tile of Chelsea, Massachusetts. Every parlor of the home has a collection of this tile design and is said to be one of the most diverse and preserved Low art designs in the country. So, with this much exquisite historical preservation in one setting, isn’t it worth a visit? Yeah, we think so!   

The Baker House - Living History In The Modern Day amazing tile fireplace

Robert Baker’s father, Charles Minton Baker, was given the land on which the historic home was built as part of a compensation package for becoming Walworth County’s first District Attorney. Robert was Emily’s husband and was a native of Lake Geneva and attended Beloit College. It was after a while he decided to relocate to Racine and became a partner on the J.I. Case Company. He even served as Racine’s mayor and W.I. state Senator before his early death at the age of 43 in 1882. Two years after his death, Emily commissioned the building of the summer house as a tribute to Robert along Lake Geneva, a place he loved and found peace and serenity. As the house was completed, she inscribed his initials R.H.B. in the threshold of the entry to the house. So, with every visit to the beautiful haven of rich history, you will be greeted by the legend himself. Interestingly, people believe Baker House reins with spirits – not the ones you usually enjoy in a glass with crushed ice. 

For 135 years, Baker House has been more than an attraction site, but that one place where you feel the “home away from home” experience. Aside from housing Emily and her five children, it served as a peaceful haven for wealthy Chicagoans who were somehow recovering from various disorders and addictions. It has had a few names over the years but remained to this day as Baker House in honor and memory of Emily and her husband, Robert. Are you ready for a grand tour of excitement, adventure, and a memorable experience? Well, let’s dive in!

Baker House of Today

Baker House has had a lot of developments over the years, but the fact remains the rich history still dwells here. In addition to the amazing features and amenities that come with Baker House, it sits now as a great B&B and has been such for the past 11 years. It was formerly owned by a woman who was cast on “Designed To Sell” HGTV show. While she painstakingly updated some of the interior. However, it has been under the leadership of new management for the past year. The rich history still sits in every corner of the house, and every detail of years ago is still intact to this date. Staying here is just as much as entering through the doors of a time machine with a touch of modern amenities.

The Baker House - Living History In The Modern Day beautiful wood floors

The floors still feature the various patterns of old (five different kinds of wood), thus creating a mesmerizing array of beauty. There are currently five-bedroom B&B on the second floor of the historic house and is designed with punch code lock (no keys) – which I found interesting. They boast some of the most exquisite amenities to complement your stay. From comfortable sleeping areas, relaxation parlors, and more, you are in for a memorable experience. 

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Staying at The Baker House 

The location is also ideal for hosting your small and exclusive events like weddings, anniversary parties with close friends and family, and other special events – up to 30 people. 

Do you want a taste of some local delicacies that you have never experienced anywhere else? Well, step into the elegant environment on the first floor where you will be served with great mouth-watering tastes. There is an amazing restaurant on the first floor with a diverse menu that will satisfy your need for something new. The restaurant features local dishes as well as international dishes prepared by trained chefs and locally-grown produce. Their price ranges are quite good for the meal that will grace the dish you will enjoy. A Timeless kitchen atmosphere where flavor and aroma come alive! It’s worth mentioning that their seating arrangement, whether in fine-dine style or on the covered patio, is very unique. There are a ton of seating vignettes on the first floor from the formal dining table to a professional game table – all used for people sitting for dinner.

The Baker House - Living History In The Modern Day formal dining room

There is so much to explore, and you sure will enjoy the historical setting in a modern age. My favorite thing? They really pay attention to the little details. With all of the amazing items on display, I couldn’t fine one cob web or speck of dust. Even the little basket of goodies in the bathrooms of the five guest rooms are posh.

You know I like park-and-play locations for traveling. The Baker House is a great example of the perfect fit for anyone – right in the middle of all the activity, yet an oasis of its own. Trust me, the Baker House is worth the visit – if not for the warm croissants and coffee in the morning alone. Check out their site and book your own room today.

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