The AMAZING People That Work At Disney

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Meet James
He works at #13 – The Pirates Of The Caribbean and it was his day off.
We had JUST missed Buzz Lightyear and had come back to catch him again.
Sarah dropped the “rain proof” bag that had our map, siggy cards and my phone, then started to cry.
She was afraid that she broke my phone and wouldn’t stop crying.
James was just behind us and spoke up.
He took apart his iPhone and showed her that eventhough it was cracked, it still worked!
He then gave her a sticker…saying that little princesses shouldn’t cry, especially birthday princesses!
 He had her laughing quickly and talking Princesses, Fairies and more —
with a huge converation about Tinkerbell and how we couldn’t wake her today
because Captain Hook found her secret spot at Tinkerbell’s Treasures
and she had to move to the Magical Nook.
(Yes, we were the first people at the store and learned we couln’t wake her….)
We found out that James has been working for Disney since June
and is normally at #13 on the map: Parates of the Caribbean.
We DID get a photo and stamp (Buzz doesn’t sign) from Mr Lightyear
But Miss Sarah was more excited to get one from James. 
Here is what her wrote to her:
Dear Sarah,
You made my day when I met you in line for Buzz.
Thank you for telling me where Tink is –
I’ll tell Hook right away!
-James (from #13)
Is that cool or what?
My Magic Kingdom Tip:
Hit #13 on the map and ask for James –
THAT is a true hidden treasure.

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