Take a Taco Tour in San Diego

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Nearly every city in the world has some type of food that it has made famous. San Diego certainly didn’t invent the taco, but thanks to its southerly neighbor, Mexico, tacos have made it big in this city. But, not just any taco. Taco Tour San Diego is a great way to experience the city.

San Diego is particularly known for fish tacos. In fact, it’s so well known for these tasty, hand-held bits of goodness that there are food tours operated in the city that are centered on tacos! So, pack your swimsuit, book a San Diego hotel, and make sure you’ve got plenty of space to chow down!

Take a Taco Tour in San Diego

Old Town Food Tour

Dubbed “Tequila, Tacos, and Tombstones: Old Town Food Tour,” this tour from So Diego Tours takes guests to eat at four Mexican eateries in California’s first town. The tour combines history and food. Enjoy learning more about how the city came to be and how it has developed through the centuries. Tacos are the star of the dining menu, but don’t expect Tex-Mex; authentic Mexican cuisine is the menu du jour. Finally, the tour snakes through one of the oldest graveyards in San Diego for a chilling end!

Take a Taco Tour in San Diego fish hard shell taco

Turista Libre

This tour might be cheating just a little because it doesn’t occur in San Diego proper but in Tijuana, Mexico. The tour includes round trip transportation from San Diego. Turista Libre organizes a variety of tours that take on the border town. From craft beers to water parks to Mexican wrestling, they’ve got something for everyone.

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Mariscos German

This isn’t a tour in itself but a pilgrimage that fish taco lovers should take. This food truck is unpretentious — it’s parked behind a liquor store in Otay Mesa. For under $2 you don’t expect much of anything, but as many people have discovered, the fish tacos here are out-of-this-world good.

Oscar’s Mexican Seafood

This La Jolla restaurant is a favorite with San Diego locals. It’s also a great deal. You can order the Baja specialty, fried fish taco, or opt for something different. Oscar’s is also known for a good shrimp taco. What’s even better? Do you dream of tacos for breakfast? Yup, Oscar’s does that.

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Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop

This restaurant made its name when Food Network’s hit show “Man vs. Food” showed up to take on their Surfin’ California burrito. But, don’t think all the portions are out of control. You’ll find classic Baja Mexican offers on the menu, but there are plenty of unique creations with unique names, as well. Be sure to taste at least one of the gourmet tacos. If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of meat-free options.

Take a Taco Tour in San Diego taco truck

Food Truck Tour

This isn’t an organized tour; you’ll have to make your own. But, with gorgeous weather year round, San Diego is home to dozens of great food trucks, many of which serve up excellent tacos. Casanova Fish Tacos, Delicioso Food Truck, Famoso, and Tacos la Mezcla are a few of the trucks dishing up this delicious treat. These food trucks are mobile, so head to the San Diego Food Truck page to find out where they will be each day.

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