Summer Staycation Ideas

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 Summer Staycation Ideas

If visiting a new town or state isn’t in the cards for your family this summer, why not take some time to explore your local area? Often there is plenty to do right under our noses but the day-to-day grind doesn’t allow us to take notice. Even the smallest cities have attractions and activities to keep you and your kids busy through the summer months.

Museums and Historical Societies

Your kids may have seen the Smithsonian but have they visited your local historical museum? In towns large and small historical societies work to preserve the story of the region. Visiting can help children become more aware of the history around them! Being able to see, and in many cases touch, artifacts makes history come alive. Watch for summer camps, daytime activities, and special events aimed at children during the summer months.  They’re often low cost or free. Be sure to get your name on mailing lists, follow your favorites on Facebook, and don’t forget your newspaper for listings.  

Farmers Market and Farms

Even if you live in a large city, you’re bound to find a farmers market in your area. While the obvious attraction is farm-fresh food, it’s also a chance for children to learn who grows their food and encourage them to try new things. Most vendors offer samples of their items and have additional events like food festivals or celebrations throughout the summer.

Take time to talk to the farmers and get to know more about them and the food you’re buying. You may even be able to arrange a time to visit the farm. Some communities offer CSA’s or crop share programs where people pay a fee to receive produce and also donate hours of labor to the farm.


One of the best places to find free, fun activities is the local library. Along with finding hours of entertainment in the pages of books, many libraries also offer summer reading and activity programs free of cost. There are often programs for children grouped at different age and ability levels. There may also be arts, crafts, games, and other activities to keep them busy. Libraries also offer more than just books. Many also have DVD’s, CD’s, and even iPads available to use in the library and check out to take home.

Park Events

Summer is the most popular time for social events like festivals, parades, fairs, carnivals or circuses. There’s an endless stream of activities and things to do. The best part? Most of the time these are low cost or free. Some neighborhoods have play programs during the day for kids to drop in and play in organized games with supervision. Some communities have these available free of charge while others require a small fee.

These are just a few ideas for low cost summer activities to make your staycation great. You don’t have to go far from home to have a great summer vacation!