Step Back in Time at Voss’ Birchwood Lodge

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We seem to take a week towards the end of summer each year, and rent a cabin in the North-woods of Wisconsin. It is time to be unplugged, play silly board games, swim in a lake, bike around and just commune with nature.

Step Back in Time at Voss' Birchwood Lodge

Until it is dinner time.

The great North-woods is packed with amazing places to eat and it seems like you are literally stepping back in time.

One of our favorite places to stop: Voss’ Birchwood Lodge.

For over 100 years now, this combination cabin rental and restaurant resort is still family owned. Ruth often takes her spot at the front desk to answer questions and man the phones. It is probably her voice over the line when you call to make a reservation. And you will certainly want to make a reservation.

Our favorite way to start off our week is their Sunday night Turkey dinner. Yes, they have a full menu, complete with fish, fowl and beef entrees but we are usually drawn to the specials. Three slices of tender turkey on a bed of herbed dressing, complete with freshly m ashed potatoes, pickled beets and a tossed salad. Chris, the owner and head chef outdid himself again at our last visit. Ooooh – and his buns are incredible!

(knock it off, I’m referring to dinner rolls…)

With a full bar available, you can have anything from a glass of Muscato to a Brandy old Fashioned Sweet either before you are seated or to enjoy with your crackers and home made horseradish cheese spread.

Your table is decked out with antique depression glassware and you can look out the window to see the sun setting over beautiful Spider Lake. The dining is at a leisurely pace and gives you plenty of time to see all the amazing treasures that adorn the dining room.

It literally is like stepping back into time.

Next time you are headed to Manitowish Waters, give them a call and make a dinner reservation. Tell Chris you want him to make the mint pie and ask Ruth if she has finished writing that book yet.

If they are serving the herbed tomato soup – order it. Miss Sarah says it tastes like angels kissing your mouth. If that isn’t high praise, I am not sure what is.

You can make a reservation by calling 715-543-8441