Simple Tips to Save Thousands on Your Disney Vacation

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Where else will you spend $15 for a balloon, $5 for a bottle of water and $30 on a small stuffed animal without batting an eye? Well Disney on of course!! Why is it that the most magical places on earth seem to magically leave our wallets empty? It’s all such fun and smiles until the vacation is over and those bills need paid and all that money you spent makes everything seem a little less magical. Disney is such a fun place, don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful place for a fun memory filled family vacation. If Disney is calling your name I have some simple, easy tips to save money on a Disney vacation.

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Simple Tips to Save Thousands on Your Disney Vacation

Plan Your Visit on the Off Season – The best time to visit Disney is on the off-season. Crowds will be less, loading will be cheaper and if you’re flying airfare will likely be lower as well. Best off season dates for visiting Disney include:

  • January through the first week in March
  • Late April to early June (Not Memorial Day weekend)
  • After Labor Day through right before Thanksgiving week
  • The first 2 weeks in December

Save on Lodging: Staying Disney side at a Disney Resort can be very pricey. You can save hundreds by staying off site at a resort near the theme park. Most of the time they will have free shuttles available going to and from the park so you save on parking and you may even get free breakfast! Check for reviews and real pictures from those who have stayed there in the past.

Save on Disney Tickets: Anyone 10 and up requires an adult ticket at Disney, however there are a few ways to save on Disney tickets. Members of the US military, their spouses and up to 6 family members can enjoy specially priced tickets at certain times of the year. Details here. I would also recommend skipping the Park Hopper tickets. Park Hopper tickets allow you to visit more than one park during the day but they are anywhere from $40-$60 more per ticket. There is more than enough to do at each park without having to go to more than one park in the same day.

Save on Food: Eating at Disney adds up REALLY fast…like $25 or more at the “snack bar” fast, so saving on food will definitely help out the budget. Make a trip to the grocery store when you arrive for your trip and stock up on water, yogurt, snack items, and deli items. You will save lots of money by making sure you eat a good breakfast before going into the theme park and pack a lunch for meals while you are at the park. If you will not be renting a car you can get groceries delivered to your hotel. We have used Garden Grocer and WeGoShop.

Save the Memories: Enjoy your trip! These are memories you and your family will always treasure. If you would like to plan some special “splurge” treats while you are there I would recommend the Disney Unofficial Guide. It ranks attractions and restaurants so you’re a pro on your first visit.

Last but not least take advantage of the freebies offered at Disney! There are so many fun ones and will definitely help you save money while at the parks.

We hope our Simple Tips to Save Thousands on Your Disney Vacation make a difference for your next visit. What tips have you used to save money on a Disney vacation?