Why you should sign up for Disney’s Memory Maker

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For most people going to a Disney Park is a special treat because it is pretty expensive to go and it is definitely a big vacation spot for a lot of people. A lot of people love to make lasting memories from their vacations and Disney offers a special add on program that allows you to do just that. This program is called Disney’s Memory Maker.
The memory maker is $149 to add on which may seem like it is a pricey add on but if you plan to buy ANY professional photos throughout the park that are taken when meeting any characters or anything, it is well worth the cost because the Memory Maker allows you to have a downloadable version of every single photo that is taken by a Disney photographer at ANY of the Disney parks. Today I am going to be sharing with you a few reasons that I think it is a great idea to add on the Disney’s Memory Maker package.
-Digital Downloads: With the Memory Maker you get digital downloads of every single photo taken by a Disney Photographer. This allows you to pick and choose the ones that you like the most and you are able to download them within about 10 minutes of the picture being taken straight from the Disney app and you can have them instantly on your phone to share through all of your social medias or text messages with friends and family if you choose.
-Save Money: As I stated before, $149 may seem like a lot up front but to purchase just a few photos throughout the park would cost this much. With the Memory Maker you get every single photo and you don’t have to pick and choose which ones you want. You can then go to another photo provider and print the ones you choose for a much more affordable rate.
-Multi-Use: If you are planning a multi-day trip to multiple of the Disney Parks then this is definitely a great deal for you. You are able to use the Memory Maker at all of the Disney parks for your entire visit. This way you can get as many photos as you want at every single park that you visit.
-Lasting Memories at a Higher Quality: Sure you can take your photos just on your phone or whatever but it may not be the greatest quality. With the Memory Maker you have high quality photos and you don’t ever have to worry about anyone missing from the photo because they had to take the picture for the rest of everyone.
I personally think that the Memory Maker is an amazing value and it is a really great add on if you want to have the lasting memories of beautiful photos of your whole family. If you’re planning a trip to a Disney park soon definitely look into the Memory Maker, it is an add on must for my family.