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We found a GREAT place in downtown Fraser Colorado for lunch: Sharkey’s.
It’s the kind of place that the locals hang out at, with a lot of homemade food and fun atmosphere.
The staff is SUPER friendly and wonderful with kids.
  • Miss Sarah had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, watermelon and pineapple) and a glass of white milk
  • Andy had one of the best Reuben’s he has ever had, along with an Iced Tea
  • I had a cup of their broccoli cheese soup and then, a pulled pork breakfast burrito that was SOOOO huge, half came back with us. Inside the burrito was black beans, scrambled eggs, their signature breakfast potatoes and a lot of great, pulled pork. They topped it with a mild sauce and it was amazing!

The weather was unseasonably warm (90+), so there was a lot of snow melting from the mountains and running down – there was a fun stream in front of Sharkey’s that was super cold and refreshing! Miss Sarah and I were only wearing our flip flops and decided to take a jump in!

If you are ever in the area, you might want to check it out —
it’s about 1.5 hours outside of Denver and worth it!

221 Doc Susie Ave
Fraser, CO 80442
(970) 726-7149

This was a huge chunk of our weekly budget but it was SOOOO worth it and part of our vacation!
We had been with 100 or so people for the last few days so it was fun to sneak away with just the three of us.

$75 budget for the week
-$2 from Pizza Pit (Gyros sauce)
-$9.81 from Copps run today
-$1.06 McDonald’s soda (used FREE Qs for her Juice box and hamburger)
– $12.90 from last Copp’s Run of the day (before credit)
-$40.36 for Sharkey’s (included tip)
$8.87 under budget for the week
I know it wasn’t a great savings week – but I think we did really well,
considering we were out of town most of the week!