Planning a Trip Without a Travel Agent

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When it comes to planning a trip, the age old method was to contact your travel agent. But today, with all of the technology available, trip planning has become significantly easier and more manageable. With a few key tips you can easily plan your own dream trip with little stress.


Planning a Trip Without a Travel Agent

To begin, break up your trip planning with small, simple steps that make up an action statement. For example, to get to “Spend 10 days in Paris, drinking wine and exploring the museums”, first, you need to decide you want to go to Paris and so on and so on.

Length of trip.

Are you planning an indefinite, more than a year-long adventure or do you have a limited number of vacation days? This will help you to decide where you can manageably go during your allotted time. You’re probably not going to fly all the way to Australia for a 4 day vacation.

Decide where you want to go.

This can be the most stressful step of the process for many. With so many options out there in the world, how do you decide where you want to go? A great starting point is to use a flight checker like Skyscanner and enter your starting point and then pick “everywhere” for your destination. Skim through the results, are there any places that really peak your interest?

Try to narrow down your decision by deciding what type of vacation you want. If you looking for a relaxing beach getaway then London probably isn’t going to be for you. Narrow down your type of destination and it will help you narrow down where you will be off to.


Pick a budget. Ok, how do you do that? Are you a budget backpacker, middle of the road maven or do you like to splurge on luxury? Find the appropriate average costs per day for your destination of choice associated with your budget style and multiply that by the number of days you’ll be there and you have a budget.

Once you set your budget, set your savings plans. Break down your savings goals into actionable steps and measurable goals to help you stay on track.

Book your flight, accommodation and activities.

Check discount travel sites for combo vacation packages that include flights and hotels for good deals. Use search engines with flexible days to scan if different days are better for flights and hotels.

If you are planning a budget, backpacker style adventure, most of the time you’ll be able to book your hostels on the spot. If you are arriving late at night or early in the morning, consider booking a place for at least one night to avoid the stress and keep you safe.

As for activities, many can be planned and booked once in your destination of choice. Some of the more important or crowded options may need to be booked in advance to get your ideal time, group or style.

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