Peter And The Starcatcher #milwrep

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(Miss Sarah, Jose Restrepo-Smee, Clinton Brandhagen-Lord Aster, Mia)

Miss Sarah and I were delighted to travel to Milwaukee, and catch opening night of Peter and the Starcatcher!

If you’ve ever had questions like:

  • How did Peter Pan get his name?
  • How did Captain Hook lose his hand?
  • How did Peter meet his guardian (Tinkerbell)?

Then load up the kids (8+) and get your hiney to the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre and check out Peter and the Starcatcher!

This energetic cast of 12 pulled off approximately a hundred characters in about 2 hours to share the whimsical story with you. There are many layers of comedy in this that will catch people of all ages… The fart jokes make the little people laugh all the way up to a mock Sally Field Oscar acceptance speech.

Miss Sarah’s personal favorite? The star stuff/mermaid dance, a la Busby Berkeley…let’s just say, spinning starfish bra and leave it at that.

Stealing the show as The Black Stache was Mr Tom Story. Very over the top, and very fun to watch…his extended ‘hand in trunk’ scene had other cast members cracking up.

We got to chat afterwards with several cast members at the party afterwards. I suggest, you always have your children meet with the actors, if at all possible. Jose Restrepo made a point of telling Miss Sarah to keep up her dance lessons, and Andy Paterson (who played the nanny and teacher), said you just need to have fun with whatever role you do.

Now, for Clinton Brandhagen…who joined this cast almost last minute as a replacement for the originally slated actor. Ladies, the man is just yummy! I’m working on a new romance novel (um, yes, I write these but under a pen name) and I think he’s going to be my inspiration for Lord Severin, the 7th generation Earl…

We were curious and wanted to ask Joanna Howard (plays Molly) what it was like to be the only female in the cast of all men, but never were able to connect with her after the show.

While we came from Madison to review the show, it is definitely something worth making the drive to go see! You need to hurry, it only runs until May 24th.

*Just a note for all you frugalistas: we learned that the Milwaukee rep theater has “pay what you can” nights a few days before opening night on most productions…it’s a great way to add Theater to a tight family budget.

Disclosure: even though we were provided free tickets for the purposes of this review, all thoughts are entirely our own. This is a show we definitely would pay to see!!!