What To Pack In Your Disney Park Bag

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Have you ever been at Disney World and you’ve forgotten something at home and ended up having to purchase from the gift shops and paying big bucks for something you easily could’ve had all along? Or maybe weather takes a turn from what you expected and you are then stuck being really hot or really cold with nothing to fix the issue. Let me just tell you, it is no fun not being prepared and that is why when I go to places like Disney World I try to be as prepared as I possibly can be for any situation. I have learned over time from making mistakes, and I am going to be sharing with you what I have found works for packing in my bag when I visit Disney to always be prepared.
 What to Pack In Your Disney Park Bag
-Snacks: Although some of the snacks at Disney are absolute musts and you will end purchasing them anyway, you don’t want to have to keep buying snacks all day long because that can get to be expensive. You can avoid this by packing a few simple little snacks in your bag that you can pull out when you are waiting in lines or just walking around the park.
-Light Jacket: If you plan to stay at the park all day long, the temperature may drop a bit at night time and it could get to be a little chilly so packing a light jacket is always a good idea just for your own personal comfort.
-Rain Ponchos: Weather forecasts aren’t ALWAYS 100% accurate and you never know when rain showers might come out of nowhere and buying ponchos at the park can be expensive, especially if you have multiple people to buy for. Grab some cheap ones before you go and throw them in  your bag in case of rain.
-Sunscreen/Chapstick: If you’re at Disney parks, chances are it’s probably sunny outside. With that being said you don’t want to get burned so you will definitely want to keep some sort of sunscreen that you can apply throughout the day for protection as well as chapsticks for everyone so lips don’t get dry as well.
-Wipes: With all that you will be eating and drinking throughout your time at the park, there is bound to be some messes. This is why it is great to keep some baby wipes on hand to help with any clean up needed.
-Park Maps: If you want to save a whole lot of time in your day, I would highly suggest having a park map in your bag. Without a map you’re basically just wandering around looking for something you want to do, with a map you are able to look at it, figure out what you want to do and then go straight to it.
-Small First Aid Kit: With kiddos getting excited and running around it’s pretty likely that someone will fall and get a scrape or something along those lines, it’s a good idea to keep a really basic first aid kit in your bag. Just some basic band-aids, and alcohol wipes should do the job.
-Phone Charger: If you’re going to be spending the whole day at Disney and you are using your phone to check the time, take pictures, and communicate with one another it is highly likely that your battery will get low so I would definitely recommend keeping your charger in your bag to re-charge when necessary.
-Camera: If you want to save a bit of battery life on your phone, and maybe get a bit higher quality photos you can bring along a digital camera. This saves you from having to use your phone battery up and leaves it open for using it for other things when necessary.
-ID/Cash/Credit Cards: Lastly, I would really recommend not bringing your whole purse or even a bulky wallet. Just grab your essentials like your ID, credit cards, and cash and find a very small and slim wallet or money holder to just toss in your bag. This way it doesn’t take up too much space.
All in all, your bag should really cater to your personal needs and your family’s needs. I have just found that these are some really common essentials among families of all sorts. I think it is so important to be prepared and have certain things on hand so I would really recommend carrying a bag along with you and just simply stuff it with things that you think you may need throughout the day.