Make a Visit to Morkes About More Than Shopping!

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Morkes (said like this More-Kes) history of making high quality chocolate with diverse tastes and affordable prices since the 1920’s, giving anyone that comes in for a visit that “kid in the candy store” feel. Morkes takes the time to make their confections from scratch using all natural chocolate, fresh roasted nuts, pure butter, and a lot of fun goes into each batch.

Morkes also manufactures their own cream centers, vanilla, butter, orange, and maple cream centers to name a few. Alongside the unique chocolates and chocolate experience Morkes also offers sweet treats such as caramel apples, handcrafted truffles, homemade marshmallows, and chocolate fudge.

Make a Visit to Morkes About More Than Shopping!

Morkes celebrates innovation by consistently testing and trying out new recipes but still striving to maintain natural, pure, and great tasting chocolates to their chocolate line, don’t think Morkes is just an “old” chocolate company.

Morkes offers chocolate making parties too, whether you are looking for a fun hands on place for a children’s party or a place to host an office party, Morkes has a chocolate making party package for you and your guests. That is what we got to experience!

Make a Visit to Morkes About More Than Shopping! sarah at candy class

Morkes offers an original chocolate party where three different candies are made. Miss Sarah is just getting started on her candy pizza!

The original party includes making a chocolate pizza with an abundance of candy toppings, chocolate dipped pretzels, and molded chocolate items. You can choose a party time from 45 minutes to 1½ hours. When the class has ended as the make you’ll be taking home over one pound of chocolate!

Make a Visit to Morkes About More Than Shopping! Boxes for taking home candy class creations

Morkes extreme chocolate fondue party is 1½ hours of pure indulgence. You and your guests get to choose from ½ pound of milk chocolate or dark chocolate with no shortage of dipping dipping items. This package lets you bring your own foods and adult beverages, which is great if you and your guests would like to pair a wine with your chocolate. Any items that were not dipped and enjoyed can be taken home and savored later.

The dip and decorate chocolate party is a shorter party, of about 30 minutes. You’ll get to taste milk chocolate and white chocolate to pick which you and your guests would like best, then you get to dip. You and your guests will dip cookies, pretzels, marshmallows, gummies, and crackers. If you’ve noticed you may have sampled yourself full, keep dipping because anything not eaten is going home with you too.

The touch, taste, and temper party gets into the differences of the chocolate. You’ll have a chance to indulge in chocolate, temper your own chocolate, and even dip your hand in chocolate to learn how it is supposed to feel. You and your guests will learn the art of tempering chocolate and make “works of art” from chocolate. This particular party is suggested for ages 14 and up with a total of at least 10 participants.

We haven’t even talked about the fun summer “camps” they have and how the variety changes each year!

Morkes also offers off site parties if you’ve got a function for up to 25 guests that you’d like to make sweet memories and chocolates with this is the perfect option for you.

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This is just ONE stop in my A Fall Bucket List for McHenry Illinois book! It’s worth a visit!

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