Men, The Experience #RivieraMen

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We are switching hotels and leaving the Riviera. They had a chance to make this right for us, and ended up pulling the other show and dinner we were supposed to review. I have been to many, many places. Situations come up, and things need to be fixed. What makes the difference between a mediocre property and a great one is how they handle those situations. (Like my Chillcation story of the Historic Hilton Palmer House in Chicago). What they forget: I have not written the reviews for the rest of their show that we have already seen or what my thoughts of the property tour are…down to the 2-3 inch cockroaches.

Disclaimer: We got FREE tickets for this show, in lieu of a review. All thoughts are entirely mine, and, as you will see are not totally complimentary.

Two years ago, there was a HOT movie out that had my friend’s Facebook threads burning up: Magic Mike…and, while we knew it wouldn’t have much of a dialog/plot/storyline, we didn’t care. It had Matt in it! (And a few other young hotties…)

So, I was tickled to see that Men, the Experience was the first show up in our group’s Vegas list of shows to review!

Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT a comedy show about marriage…it’s strictly for the 18+ crowd. In fact, we got an anatomically correct male lipstick as we were waiting in line to go to seats! (Yes, I know which of my gal pals is going to get that souviner)!

So… it’s time to be seated. We tell the host/usher that we were there to do a review for our publications…he hadn’t known that. He DID sit us in the back of the theater though. When we asked for a spot that we could actually SEE the dancers, thinking maybe we needed to pay to “upgrade” to a better ticket, he came back to us. My buddy held up her credit card and was told:

“Do I look like a credit card machine?”

He wanted CA$H. We then asked how much and were told:

“What’s it worth to you, name a price” as he held out his palm.

I HATE that kind of crap, but he gladly pocketed $40 of our cash and took us to a large booth close to the stage. He said the dancers all come by there and we’d have a great time.

FYI – the dancers never stopped at our table.

If you are under 30, and slender, you see the dancers. This is what I found funny and short sided on the attitude of the (very talented) young men…us 35+ gals have the money. If someone was working the crowd and looking for a little cash tucked in, don’t hang with the gals holding up $1-5 bills. Real ladies have $20’s.

No doubt these guys were strong. They had the moves. I’m still in awe of their push up skills…and will hunt down YouTube videos to teach my husband that trick… (Start practicing now honey!)

I can see why the place was half empty on a Saturday night…my party hit two demographics that aren’t addressed with this show: older ladies, heavier ladies.

We did decide that neither of us liked the song that they danced to when in military uniform — try Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA” guys, plenty of ways to liven that ballad up.

We DID like the $7 Long Island Iced Teas. In fact, we liked a few of them…

My thoughts?

Stay home gals (unless you are under 30 and look cute in a skin tight mini dress…) and rent Magic Mike. Get your favorite bottle of wine and have a few friends in. You can fast forward through all the dialog/plot to see the dancing and save your $20 bills.

Yes, the only picture I got was with the guys AFTER the show, along with everyone else standing in line.

My best “Man Experience” was the cute server at the Banana Leaf Chinese Restaurant that we hit after the show! He even pulled out our chairs. Just ask for Juno!