Kate Blood Gravestone: A Unique Stop in Wisconsin

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Do you love to get spooked? Do you want to go to places where ordinary tourists usually do not think of visiting? Well, if you answered yes, then you must come down to the most haunted place in Wisconsin – the Kate Blood Gravestone. But what is so strange about this gravestone? What makes it different from the others? We will try to explain this urban legend all.

Kate Blood Gravestone: A Unique Stop in Wisconsin

The gravestone can be found in one of the oldest cemeteries in Appleton Riverside Cemetery- in a creepy setting on the river. It is just the beginning of an unsettling story behind the grave. The headstone here marks the final resting place of Kate Blood. All the visitors are drawn to this eerie-looking gravestone by a story that goes around here that Kate Blood was just a witch who used an ax to murder her husband and children. But are these all true?

The Real Story behind Kate Blood

Most legends indeed have some basis, but the stigma that surrounds the legend of Kate Blood is uncalled for, and, thankfully, some residents of Appleton have made it a mission to clear her name. In reality, Kate Marcia Blood Miller was a member of the community who was loved by all and had a sad story of her own.

She was just 23 years old when she got afflicted with tuberculosis. She had to travel south to stay with a family for the warmer climate. She died in Lawrence in Kansas, and the body was brought to the community by a train. At the time of her death in 1874, Kate was survived by a 2-year-old daughter. George Blood, her husband, remarried, and the 2nd wife is buried in the same plot. The fact that Kate’s grave is located off the beaten path has given rise to the myth surrounding the lady.

Why is the Kate Blood gravestone placed away from others?

The legend surrounding Kate is that she murdered her husband and her three children before taking her own life. For this reason, the officials placed her gravesite away from the others to hide her misdeeds. Her grave is set on the top of a hill beside a lonely river. Another story is that her husband killed Kate in a drunken rage. None of these stories seems to be accurate, and since Kate’s tombstone is placed separate, these stories have not taken the shape of urban legends or ‘true stories’ as one people like to believe.

Kate Blood Gravestone: A Unique Stop in Wisconsin

How did the stories take shape?

As the real story has revealed, Kate never murdered anyone and died several years before her husband did. Family records have been lost, but it is believed that she had a daughter at the time of her death. Many other stories (though less prevalent) can be heard from the communities, but the majority of these developed mainly because her name was ‘Blood’, and the location of the gravesite made things worse.

How will you find the Kate Blood Gravestone? Is it really haunted?

Many tourists and locals have claimed that they have seen an apparition. The common belief is that if you approach the gravestone on a full moon night, you can see blood coming out from the headstone. According to the cemetery administrator, the family stone of Kate Blood is the most visited, and this particular place has found a home in many haunted books. However, modern theorists have said that there have been no traces of any supernatural activity in this place.

If you want to find the grave within the Riverside Cemetery, you only have a short walk down a sloping trail that has been fully cordoned off from vehicular traffic. It is located on the Fox River bluff, and it is made separate from the main grounds of the cemetery. One may also approach the site from a trailhead of the Peabody Park.

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