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book signing events

Are you a motivated and ambitious high school student looking for a fun and rewarding part-time job? Look no further! We are currently hiring enthusiastic individuals like you to join our team and be part of some amazing projects. With flexible schedules and a supportive work environment, this is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable skills and make a difference in our community.

Read on to learn more about the exciting tasks you’ll probably be involved in:

book signing events

Book Signing Events:

  • Assist in setting up signs, tables, and inventory for book signing events.
  • Manage email sign-ups using a clipboard or iPad.
  • Prepare post-its for accurate autograph spellings.
  • Utilize a mini order form to process book, ornament, coffee, bundle deal, and free bookmark orders.
  • Operate a Square reader for convenient payment processing.
  • Efficiently bag orders and provide excellent customer service.
  • Assist with tear down after events and complete a quick inventory sheet.
  • Help calculate donations, if applicable, for specific fundraising signings.
Taping TV shows

TV Taping:

  • Collaborate in confirming locations for TV tapings.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas on segment development.
  • Assist in setting up cameras, lighting, and cell options.
  • Gain hands-on experience in shooting B-roll footage.
  • Enjoy a meal during food segments.
  • Pack up equipment after tapings.
  • Learn how to edit a TV show and convert it into a podcast or radio content.
working on dropbox

Dropbox Clean Out:

  • Organize and create folders for various content, such as memes, dog stuff, restaurants, places, craft ideas, book ideas, and blog post ideas.
social media

Social Media:

  • Create branded graphics for different themes (travel, camping, dogs, coffee, food, STEM, business/finance).
  • Schedule and post branded content on Facebook pages and other platforms.
  • Engage with the audience and respond to comments.
working with memes

Social Media Memes:

  • Design and share engaging memes on specific themes for different social media accounts.

Google Web Stories:

  • Develop Google Web Stories for different websites and niches.
working on the blogs

Share Blog Posts:

  • Utilize tools like Hootsuite and spreadsheets to schedule blog posts for up to 90 days.
  • Share blog posts on relevant Facebook groups, LinkedIn, and other platforms.
  • Adapt content to specific groups and audiences.
syndicating content


  • Ensure that relevant travel posts are updated with reusable blocks after the TV show releases on YouTube.
  • Share content on platforms like Newsweek.
working on the email system


  • Learn to build and manage spreadsheets for email marketing.
  • Develop compelling email content.
  • Review and schedule emails.
  • Create freebie offers to increase signups.
  • Set up welcome series and upsell offers.
building online courses


  • Gain knowledge on creating video courses, including ideation, scripting, background setup, voiceover, music, watermarking, and settings.
  • Set up courses using platforms like Podia.
  • Enhance courses with action steps, workbooks, and printables.
  • Explore potential affiliate partnerships to generate revenue.
building the online stores

Print on Demand:

  • Collaborate in opening new Etsy stores for various niches, such as dogs, coffee, bookmarks, cruise, and travel pictures.
learning to use Canva


  • Utilize Canva for creating digital items like bookmarks, article cover images, resized pictures, social media graphics, stationary, planners, cave site guides, and edited YouTube recipes for Operation40K channel.

Rank IQ:

  • Engage in ideation, generate reports, balance with Keysearch reports, and create outlines for content optimization.
Playing with AI writing tools

AI Writing Tools:

  • Learn how to effectively use AI writing tools to generate compelling email subjects, blog post ideas, YouTube descriptions, product descriptions, and blog post outlines.
  • Incorporate the use of AI tools in the content creation process.
  • Use Grammarly for editing and ensuring high-quality written content.
365 Calendar Project

365 Calendar Project:

  • Participate in the exciting 365 Calendar Project for Instagram.
  • Create 365 captivating images using Canva that correspond to at least one blog post each day. For example, “Bacon Day” can feature an image with a link to a delicious maple bacon muffin recipe.
  • Schedule the images to be posted at 5 AM consistently.
Building a list from other blog posts

Create Round-Up Posts:

  • Engage in thorough research by mining valuable information from niche Facebook groups.
  • Gather relevant links and resources for round-up posts.
  • Collaborate with the team to create well-structured and informative round-up posts.
  • Promote the round-up posts by sharing them into appropriate link drop groups.
  • Ensure high-quality writing and attention to detail in the creation of these posts.
  • Join our team today and embark on an exciting journey where you can develop valuable skills, contribute to various projects, and make a real impact. We offer a supportive and inclusive work environment that values your ideas and encourages personal and professional growth. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to work with a dynamic team and gain hands-on experience in a variety of tasks. Apply now and start building your future with us!
Making Money

Now – the pay.

While you learn, you will earn. First of all, we are VERY flexible with your schedule – you will work 10-15 hours a week – depending on your age, but around your school schedule. (no more than 3 hours a day for those 14-15 years old, etc) Most items will have you watching a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Video and then working under the guidance of my lead VA – Lyniece.

While you will need wi-fi, you will use my tools and tech.

I start everyone out at $12 for the first 30 days – and then to $13. At 6 months you go to $14 an hour. During this time you will also learn how to create your own digital store – and will soon see why we have over a dozen of them. You will see why our own 16-year-old never had to work another job.

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