How to Have a Perfect Day in Green Bay Wisconsin

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This well-known tourist site is one of the best places to visit in Wisconsin and exudes a cozy feeling of place everywhere. The Green Bay Packers’ dominance in the NFL has earned the city the moniker “Titletown, USA.”

How to Have a Perfect Day in Green Bay Wisconsin

Among the most amazing things to do in Green Bay is to go to a Packers game, but there are many other worthwhile reasons, like trying some of the city’s renowned fresh cheese curds. This city has a thriving dining, retail, and nightlife scene. Take in the spectacular natural splendor surrounding Green Bay and other attractions like popular seasonal pastimes like hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing.

On the other hand, history buffs will appreciate exploring the city’s rich past at its numerous historical monuments and museums; they might even get the fantastic opportunity to interact with and learn about Native Americans. Green Bay offers a variety of top attractions, including:

Stay at Hotel Northland

304 N. Adams St

Stay at Hotel Northland
I don’t know about you but I LOVE staying at vintage properties!

The Historic Hotel Northland is situated in the center of downtown Green Bay’s entertainment district. The Hotel Northland has been serving as a Green Bay lodging option since 1924, brimming with vintage charm and upbeat elegance. This hotel is where you can travel back in time and has a lovely, inviting warmth. Pieces of newspaper history are weaved throughout the lobby, common areas, guest rooms, a shoe shine station, and an antique mailbox.

Stay at Hotel Northland
Can you see the vintage mail drop behind the couch?

The Hotel Northland features two restaurants on-site and provides room service. On weekends, a seated breakfast is provided in the Walnut Room, while grab-and-go breakfast is available during the week. Hotel Walnut Room is its formal dining area. Steak, lamb chops, and a duck confit lollipop are among the locally sourced menu items at the restaurant.

The Walnut Room features a variety of draft beers in addition to its more than 200-option wine list. Poke the Bear is Hotel Northland’s second restaurant and the ultimate sports fan’s pub. Even when a pub menu includes standard items like chicken wings, you should order cheese curds. You can’t visit Wisconsin without trying them; they’re the state’s specialty. A changing menu of regional artisan beers is also available at Poke the Bear.

Stay at Hotel Northland
My room was beyond comfortable and I really appreciated all the outlets for tech.

This hotel can accommodate both business and leisure travelers. It features Wi-Fi, a 24-hour fitness facility, a concierge, and 13,000 square feet of convention space. When visiting Green Bay, many people opt for Hotel Northland. This hotel offers quick check-in and check-out procedures and a selection of complimentary newspapers in the lobby.

Although dogs are welcome at this hotel, you’ll need to provide your luxurious dog bed and treats. It’s a cozy, practical choice in the center of Green Bay with lots of room for big groups. Bars and restaurants are close, but if you’re in town to attend a game, you’ll need a cab to Lambeau Field.

Breakfast at the Creamery

114 Pine St.

Breakfast at the Creamery
It is a little challenging to find this if you go by your GPS

The Creamery is a breakfast, brunch, and coffee shop that offers a distinctive, different dining experience! Renowned for its house-made brunch dishes, endless mimosas, Bloody Marys, and coffee drinks. Due to the friendly atmosphere, visitors can unwind after a long day at work.

Friendly staff members always extend a warm welcome to visitors. The excellent service at this cafe is noteworthy. Here, you can find delectable food for reasonable costs. The guests can unwind thanks to the lovely design.

The Creamery elevates your dining experience. Every action has a unique twist.

Breakfast at the Creamery
This stuffed French Toast was beyond amazing – it was a cinnamon French Toast with a soft cheese array, powdered sugar,
candied pecans, pineapple, and balsamic reduction. Next time? I will try the Benedict Flight!

The chefs use the finest, freshest locally sourced ingredients as much as possible while preparing the dishes. The breakfast is excellent and includes items like eggs, benedict, omelets, and a breakfast burrito.

A European-style espresso bar is another element of The Creamery. They sell lovely teas from the Fava Company and locally roasted, organic Terra Verde coffee. Also available is fresh chai tea, which is popular with customers.

Explore Title Town Park

1065 Lombardi Avenue

Explore Title Town Park

Just west of Lambeau Field is a 45-acre complex called Titletown that houses eateries, entertainment venues, retail stores, and companies. Everyone is welcome to use the public park in Titletown, which features a full-sized football field, a unique playground, an ice skating rink in the winter, and numerous other outdoor games and fitness pursuits right in the middle of the excitement. Ariens Hill is a three-story artificial building behind this park with a football motif.

Explore Title Town Park

Horseshoes, shuffleboard, bocce ball, and outdoor table tennis are just a few of the games available on the right side of the path leading up to Ariens Hill, which is also where Hinterland Restaurant is located. A sizable imaginative playground can be found to the west, in the “back” of the Hill, and it will keep even the most active kids occupied for a while.


Take the Legendary Lambeau Field Tour

1265 Lombardi Ave.

Lambeau Field hosts the local NFL team, the Green Bay Packers. The stadium is enjoyable to attend, regardless of whether you support the Packers or not. The longest continually used stadium in the league since it opened in 1957, it received significant upgrades in 2003 and can currently hold up to 72,000 spectators.

Take the Legendary Lambeau Field Tour
There is nothing like walking past the bricks and hearing the crowd cheer as you step onto the field

In addition to seeing the third-oldest NFL team play, you can take a guided tour of the stadium, including the Atrium, a luxury suite, and the player’s tunnel (founded in 1919).

Do not overlook the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, also located in the Atrium.

These enjoyable self-guided tours visit nine permanent galleries with artworks, awards, and souvenirs honoring the team. Numerous tour options are available, some of which take you beyond Lambeau Field and around the surrounding area. The Classic (60 minutes), Champions (90 minutes), and Legendary (120 minutes) are the three most popular tours that take you around the field and behind the scenes. You’ll see the sideline, player’s tunnel, and East Side VIP seats with all three.

Take the Legendary Lambeau Field Tour
Yes, I got myself a cheese hat!

Visit the Packers Pro Shop, a store that the Packers own and run. The pro store has everything you need to demonstrate your love for the Green Bay Packers. Try the National Railroad Museum after seeing Lambeau Field.

National Railroad Museum

2285 South Broadway

The National Railroad Museum is one of the oldest and biggest museums devoted to the rich train legacy of the nation and was founded in 1956. Over 70 engines and carriages are part of the museum’s outstanding collection. Visitors can also enjoy static exhibits, including images, railroad artifacts, and instructive movies. The interactive children’s displays, walk-on trains, and railroad memorabilia in this museum will appeal to visitors of all ages.

Field of Flowers North Farm
Click on the picture to check it out

The Eisenhower collection is one of the key draws. The Dwight D. Eisenhower steam engine from British Railways, used in Britain during WWII, serves as the focal point of this exhibit. Visit a hands-on presentation to learn more about Pullman Porters, and don’t miss the great film. As if that weren’t enough, the museum’s “Thomas the Tank Engine” railway ride offers enjoyable rides.

On-site, there is a gift shop that offers associated trinkets for sale. It’s not surprising that the National Railroad Museum receives more than 100,000 visitors yearly. This kid-friendly museum provides a stimulating, interactive educational experience. There are some well-known items from the steam engine era that collectors would adore, so if you appreciate locomotives, this is unquestionably the place to visit.

Grab Lunch at the Booyah Shed

1800 S Ashland Ave

Grab Lunch at the Booyah Shed
This was the best Booyah I had while in Green Bay

Belgian stew, known as booyah, is cooked with various types of meat, robust vegetables, and a rich broth. Sometimes an oxtail is added for zip. Booyah is a staple at events like picnics, church potlucks, and birthday parties despite its labor-intensive production (it’s cooked over a fire in cast iron barrels so enormous that stirring requires an ore and numerous hands).

The Booyah Shed serves a variety of foods, including traditional soup, burgers, fried curds, tots, fish fries, and more. Booyah, handmade chili, burgers, steak sandwiches, wraps, grilled cheese, Friday fish, desserts, mixed beverages, beer, and much more are all available in the shed.

The pulled pork sandwich with handmade BBQ sauce and excellent coleslaw is worth trying.

Grab Lunch at the Booyah Shed
The pulled pork with coleslaw was incredible

The chefs here provide exceptional grilled cod, steak sandwiches, and bacon. To create an opinion about this establishment, try some delectable ice cream. You’ll be given some incredible beer. The Booyah Shed is known for its top-notch customer support and welcoming, accommodating personnel.

The rates are pretty appealing, and the interior has a lovely ambiance.

Visit Green Bay Botanical Garden

2600 Larsen Road

The Green Bay Botanical Garden opened in 1996 and is situated at 2600 Larsen Road in Green Bay, Wisconsin. One of the most remarkable things in Green Bay is strolling through the garden. On 47 acres of land, there are about thirteen garden groupings.

Visit Green Bay Botanical Garden
I could just sit here and read a book!

Curving pathways lead past themed gardens, including a Wisconsin woods garden, an English cottage garden, and a rose garden. The nearly 50-acre park has entertaining activities for both adults and families. The Green Bay Botanical Garden, which has over 65,000 species from Wisconsin, a children’s garden, and an American perennial garden, is large enough to warrant a whole day of exploration.

While the garden’s amphitheater is known for hosting outdoor concerts in the summer, spring brings an abundance of blooms. You must check out the snowshoeing routes and holiday light displays if you go during the winter holidays. No matter what season you choose to visit, you will be awestruck by the botanical garden’s lush surroundings.

Visit Green Bay Botanical Garden
Aren’t these butterfly sculptures enchanting?

You might wish to look into the adult classes offered by the botanical garden if you’re staying in Green Bay for a week or more. They provide a range of categories, including their Herbs & Health Series, Papermaking, Bonsai Club Beginner Workshops, and even Civil War Botanicals.

Additionally, they offer summer programs with enjoyable outdoor activities if you have kids and live in the Green Bay Area. The cheery Children’s Garden includes a tower with a view of a kids’ maze, a sensory garden, a little shed and garden designated as Mr. McGregor’s, and more.

Visit Green Bay Botanical Garden
There is so much to see, everywhere you look. One visit couldn’t possibly be enough!

These outdoor gardens are organized into several zones, including a New American Perennial Garden, thickly forested regions, fragrant rose gardens, and seasonal greens. As the different holiday seasons coincide with your visit, special events change.

Examples of these events include the Concert in the Garden in the summer and the Garden of Lights in the winter. For those who enjoy the outdoors, the Green Bay Botanical Garden is among the top things to do in Green Bay.


2040 Airport Dr., Ashwaubenon

I simply adore farm-to-table restaurants and this was one of the best I have eaten at in Wisconsin.

I started with a Caramel Apple Old Fashioned. I can’t even describe the amazing layers of flavors from the Apple Crown Royal,
caramel syrup, and sparkling apple cider. It was fresh fall in an iced glass

Within the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center lies the Cedar & Sage Grill House. With an emphasis on the natural goodness of the food, you will discover well-known, locally sourced foods served in the straightforward style and flavor of Wisconsin history. It’s excellent for social gatherings, business meetings, romantic dinners, or unwinding.

Bison Pot Roast over mashed potatoes was my entree, I was tempted with a side order of squash gratin to go with it

Freshwater fish and other regionally obtained ingredients are used at Cedar & Sage Grill House, along with components and inspirations from the Oneida tribe. It offers authentic dishes, including cheese curds prepared with authentic Oneida white maize and bison filets from Oneida Nation farms.

Keep in mind that the menu in farm-to-table places changes often to accommodate what is currently in season.
Their menu may be different when you visit.


You might believe that you must be a cheese-eating, beer-drinking Green Bay Packers fan to appreciate the Green Bay Area, but there are many things to do in Green Bay whether you enjoy football or not. So, what’s keeping you from booking your trip? Pack up and get ready for an adventure in the Green Bay Area.

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