Hotel Graf von Mansfeld: Good, Bad and Ugly

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While we were in Eisleben (ice-lee-ben), we stayed at the Hotel Graf von Mansfeld. It’s a 500-year-old town castle in the center of the “old town” section. Built around 1501, as the town castle of the Count of Mansfeld, it offers spacious rooms that would be considered suites in hotels in the USA….with a comfortable “great room”, large bedroom, entry room and bathroom.

It’s on the historical market square, right across from the statue of Martin Luther, who had stayed there at the beginning of the 16th century. Just like back then, you will find no air conditioning, but the screen-less windows open up and let you enjoy the cooler evening air at night. Surprisingly, we were bug free with not a  mosquito to be found. With over 50 rooms that are charmingly decorated with a  mix of past and present, they can easily accommodate groups.

Breakfast was included in our stay and soared beyond expectations! They salad sections sported everything from caprese salad to deviled eggs topped with caviar. The smoked salmon was often a fast mover. A delightful selection of fresh bread and rolls, soft and hard-boiled eggs, and a large variety of sausages. Add the yogurt bar, fresh fruit and juices and you couldn’t possibly leave there still hungry!

The dinners we had there were three courses and just as delightful as the breakfasts. One night started with a beef consume that sported juiliened veggies and a few cheese cubes, continued with bacon wrapped pork tenderloin over a bed of pan sautéed veggies and then wrapped up with a raspberry-marscapone torte. Oh. My. Stars. It just got better from there. Everything was freshly prepared in their kitchen shortly after ordering.

They do have a beautiful patio garden that you can choose to sit in to relax and enjoy. Dining in Europe is NOT like the fast paced meals of the states, it is at least a 2 hour event.

The hotel lobby is old-fashioned with the mail-cubby slots in the wall behind the desk. That is also where the room keys were kept. Keys were attached to a giant brass door knob shaped weight and stamped with their corresponding room number on them.

That is where the problem comes in.

One of our friends was robbed. We had several day trips and were gone for 6-8 hours at a time. There wasn’t really a cubby for her room key and they left it on the desk a lot. Easy to help yourself too and it clearly states what room it is for.  Whether it was a crime of opportunity or hotel staff…we will never know. They came back after one of our outings and their money envelope from the bank had a torn corner and was missing 140 Euros. (About $200). The thief was clever and didn’t take ALL the money, hoping they would think they might have spent it.

Quickly reported to the manager, he insisted that they must have left their room unlocked – that his staff has been there for at least 17 years and that they have never had a problem. We kind of think there might be no problems because he refused to acknowledge them…

She DID get money back on the last day, just before we left. The manager made it VERY clear that it was from his own pocket and was expecting to not see the incident reflected on Trip Advisor or any such site. Sorry, I travel a lot and that was just rude. It should have been remedied much sooner and without the snarky commentary.

Quick recap:

  • Good: food, decor and location.
  • Bad: No air conditioning
  • Ugly: Theft and management of an incurred problem.

If you find yourself in Eisleben, feel free to stay at the Hotel Graf von Mansfeld, just make sure you keep your room key with you and leave nothing of possible value in your room while you are gone.