Hollywood Candy Omaha Sucked Me Down the Rabbit Hole

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Candy lovers never know the limit when it comes on to the quantity they need to consume and they would go the extra mile to source the ones they love – not to mention if they are the ones of old. There are numerous places around the world one can get the best of the candy world, but none can take the place of Hollywood Candy Omaha. They are a one-of-a-kind candy store with a mix of other delicacies to suit and satisfy your taste buds. It has been a center of attraction and satisfaction for both locals and visitors to Omaha’s Old Market.

So much more than a candy store

As the store opened its doors to the public in 2007, there has been a variety of handmade candies that have been all-time favorites. These include but are in no way limited to cookie pops, fudges, and other tasting peanut butter drops. Hollywood Candy Omaha is also one of the only and by far the most significant serving locations for Jelly Belly flavors in all of Nebraska. Stepping through the doors of this fabulous establishment will take you on a journey down memory lane and leave you engulfed in the best of what our parents and grandparents loved.

hollywood candy store entrance

Also, with over 150 flavors of mouth-watering juices flowing from their cooler, you will be quenched of more than just a physical thirst but also a mental and psychological one. Your inner springs will come alive and run with joy! A classical setting with a modern-day existence of freshness and quality. Relax in an ambiance of nature while the sound of music serenades you from the store’s unique and stylish jukebox. But why choose vintage treats?

wall of bulk candy inside hollwood candy

Passion Behind The Old-Fashioned Style

It all happened back in 1911 when Martoccio, who was head of F.A Martoccio Macaroni Company needed to replace one of his factory machine that was recently burned out. However, his decision was later adjusted when he was influenced and persuaded to purchase the entire Pratt and Langhoft Candy plant. The purchase was his stepping stone and starting journey into the confectionary business, which he later gave much thought of development and growth.

As this company grew, he added more candy companies to his line of business to include the Pendergast Candy Company of Minneapolis (1927). They invented a fresh way of making their chocolates with a special coating that would prevent the candy bars from melting in warmer weather conditions – a tactic many sought to adopt (including Frank Mars with his Milky Way bars).

As expected, people only wanted what was healthy, and this Martoccio set out to achieve. He only used the likes of real cocoa butter, eggs, and other natural ingredients in his products, which made them stand out among other companies at the time. The creation process went on for quite a while until they sold the company in 1967. But as the years went by and new owners took over, they only had one thing in mind – keep the real mission and reasoning behind why they created the company.

m & M display at hollywood candy

Hollywood Candy Omaha Today

As the company went through a series of both positive and negative events, it still stood firm to become an emblem of love to this day. As you decide to go for the ride, you are setting yourself up for nothing less than quality and the best. The store of today, seated on the roots of Omaha, will give you the opportunity of creating a lasting memory and bring out the child in you. It boasts (but is not limited to) the following amenities and areas:

Soda Fountain

This fountain has over 150 different flavors of assorted juices (low in sugar but high in taste!)

rows of handmade candy

Candy Bar Stands

A wide variety of different assorted candies and treats for all their local and visiting sweet tooth enthusiasts.

A Theatre

Have a particular function like a birthday, anniversary, or friends’ reunion? Rent the space and get the most of what you desire from your experience. The area can hold up to 47 people at any given time.

A Games Arcade

Bring out the youthful exuberance that you are known for in the games arcade that has over 85 different fun games and activities. Of course, the vintage-style arcade brings a 1980s-era touch and is perfect for most event rental. Pinball fan? Then, this is the ideal spot to be!

diner inside hollywood candy

A Diner

Who said you had to leave to get a belly full of soulful foods? The retro-style diner has the best servings of Orsis Pizza, Stuffed Pretzels, and Stoyich Brats. After a sumptuous meal, enjoy the best that a dessert menu has to offer you, including ice creams, malts, sundaes, and more! I had a pizza with a chocolate shake.

pizza and chocolate shake

Antiques & Memorabilia

Take something home with you that has vintage written all over it. As you stroll through the store, you have the opportunity of stocking up on vintage artisan & vintage products, vinyl records, and movies.

Make sure to sign the Hollywood Candy Omaha guest book – as with any kind of museum or tourist attraction, it helps them in the future! If they ever apply for grants of any kind, they can prove their traffic and aid their request.

So much awaits you beyond the doors of a simple building that has so much history packed in one place. You are sure to get a taste of actual reality and taste while you clear your mind and indulge in a moment of laughter, fun, and great snacks. Make it a must-visit today!

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