Your Guide to Star Wars at Hollywood Studios

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Star Wars has been something that millions upon millions of people have fallen in love with the Star Wars Franchise because it has span over so many years and it relates to so many generations. Star Wars is still going strong because they are still making new content and bringing in even more fans with newer generations. If you’re a fan of Star Wars or even if you have just head of Star Wars then you probably know that Disney has their very own Star Wars areas in their parks. If you visit Disneyland in California there is certain area of the park but if you visit Florida it is actually found in a part of Hollywood studios. The Star Wars area can be a bit overwhelming if you aren’t expecting it, that is why I am going to be sharing with you the perfect guide to visit the Star Wars area of Disney parks!
-Rides/Activities: Star Wars Launch Bay is a theater that you can see the history of Star Wars and see how the movies came about and became the major success that it is today. This is very interesting and perfect for newer Star Wars fans that want to learn all about Star Wars came about and it is definitely a must if you want to get the full Star Wars experience. Also, Star Tours is a virtual 4D ride that you get to sit down and get the full Star Wars experience. You’ll be feeling like a Jedi in no time and you’d honestly think you were just put right into a Star Wars movie. I would definitely recommend trying to get a Fast Pass for this one because it is really popular and will definitely be a long line.
-Jedi Training: If you have a little Star Wars fan you’ll definitely want to get them into Jedi Training. Here they will learn all about being a Jedi and how to handle a lightsaber in combat! Sorry parents, unfortunately Jedi training is only for ages 4-12 years old…totally unfair! LOL If you want your kiddos to live out your dream of being a Jedi be sure to sign them up as soon as you can because it is a first come first serve program. You are able to sign up as soon as Hollywood Studios opens so if you want to guarantee your spot I would head there first!
-Character Meet Ups: If you’re a big Star Wars fan I’m sure you will definitely want to meet some of your favorite characters, right?! Well lines are pretty long usually so make sure you plan out your meet ups accordingly. Stormtroopers are simple to meet and get your pictures with because sometimes they are simply walking around the park but if you’re wanting to meet more characters like Kylo Ren and Chewbacca, be prepared to wait. It is said that it is less busy during the evening but i’ve never personally tested this theory, I recommend trying to get a Fastpass for the meet ups if you can but if not, keep checking back to see how long the line is and determine when it would be best for you to meet them.
-Symphony in the Stars: Just like at all the parks, of course there is a firework show at the end of the night at Hollywood Studios as well. The Symphony in the Stars is a beautiful firework show along to the music from the Star Wars movies, it truly is an awesome sight and a great way to end your night of fun. Hurry if you want to get a good view of the show, it fills up with folks fast and this is not something you want to miss out on!
If you’re a big Star Wars nerd like me and my family then visiting the Star Wars part of Hollywood Studios is an absolute must and I don’t think it ever gets old even if you’ve been before. I hope to see updates to go with the new movies as more and more come out as part of the Star Wars franchise and I’m sure the park will only get better and better.