Free Things To do In Washington D.C.

washington d.c.

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Free Things To do In Washington D.C.? When you visit the capital of the nation, you will find dozens of great free things to do in Washington, D.C., but you’ll also find amazing beauty, architecture, and history at every turn. This city offers tons of great free attractions alongside amazing restaurants, museums, and kid-friendly events for your entire family to enjoy.

washington DC

Free Things To do In Washington D.C.

Visit The National Mall

This monument in the nation’s capital is one of the most infamous images having been seen in movies, television shows, and pictures world wide. It’s a great place to walk, take photographs and see first hand where history has been made with rallies and events during our nation’s history.

Visit The White House

Anyone can walk outside the gates to photograph the White House or get their picture taken in front of the building on the sidewalk. However, you can also take free tours of the White House if desired. If wanting to tour the White House, you’ll need to plan in advance and reserve tickets since it is in high demand. You may need to book several years in advance.

washington DC

Visit the Chinatown Friendship Arch

Located on 7th and H Streets NW, this is a fun attraction that is quick and easy to visit, but well worth your time. A great photo opportunity and landmark in itself, the arch is visited by millions of people each year.

Visit the Lincoln Memorial

One of the most significant pieces of statuary known, this monumental memorial to President Abraham Lincoln, is visited by millions of visitors each year. Take your picture next to one of the most beloved presidents the United States has ever known.

free things to do in washington d.c.

Visit the National Monument

This large monument stands proudly in the center of the city that is known by all.  A simple walk from the Lincoln Memorial and you are at the National Monument for great photo opportunities as well as a history of the United States.

Visit the National Archives

See the Declaration of Independence up close in the National Archives. Other well known historical documents are located there and lead to great conversations with your children. About our nations history, as well as how legislation is passed for many bills, and amendments that are shown in the archives.

Visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

This is truly a historical monument that will leave you humbled at the sacrifice of so many young men and women who went to war. Vietnam Veterans often are found here sharing information, looking for names of friends or family members. It is a great teaching tool for your kids to learn about war, military involvement in other countries, and the ultimate sacrifice those individuals made not just for our freedom, but to better another country.

Visit The National Museum Of American History

Famous for housing the original American flag as well as memorials from wars, advances in technology, and even a few movies and celebrities that have impacted our country, this is a favorite free thing to do in Washington D.C. when you visit. Learn about the most beloved pieces of our history while finding out unique facts about cinema, arts, and the founding fathers.

One last thing I want to mention

There are several “honor flights” for our aging population of veterans. In Wisconsin, we call it the Badger Honor Flight. As these are all sceduled in advance, various political leaders attempt to be at the World War II Memorial or Korean Memorial to greet and thank these brave men and women. I know that Bob Dole was there when my Father-in-law took his trip a few years ago. If you time your visit just right, you might get lucky!


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